Who wants to be a millionaire?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OC_Spanner, Aug 7, 2002.

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  1. Do you think Maj Ingram will go to jail?

    Does anyone know him?


    I think it's all rather funny, although terribly bad form!

    Where's his private pocket money hurumf hurumf hurumf!!!

  2. OC - See similar post in Current Affairs.

    Whatever the result I think his Army career has ground to a halt.  He will either be spending some time at HM's pleasure or he will have time spending with pleasure.
  3. innocent til proven guilty chaps and chapes'es, I think for legal resaons this should be dumped!
  4. Legal reasons?  What can he do? It all over the news and so a legitimate topic for conversation surely?
  5. The topic is in the news but the specifics aren't.  The first time the jury hear the evidence should be in court otherwise its not a fair trial.  What could throw the case is if someone came here and said "Oh I knew the chap from the Mess, he was the one with a tricycle etc etc".
  6. I agree that people who know him should not be posting as that cuts across the principles of this site too.  However, the details we have been discussing are in the public domain and therefore fair game.
  7. shall breifly explain, it is not the discussion about established facts that is the problem, only that the established facts are that he has been accused of committing fraud, and that is the only fact, speculating about his guilt or "what your mate in the sappers told you" is fine in the bar but once you commit it to paper and it is not based on fact and may in a roundabout way either influence a jury or his subsequent carreer you and the host of this message board will be held in contempt of court for a start and be highly vulnerable to a Libel case.
    and I will say again, innocent until proven guilty!
  8. OK - so providing we stick to discussion of info in media, we are fine?
  9. no!, beleive me you aint seenn the nest of worms that you can open here, you are publishing things on this site!
  10. on which basis, 95% of the site should be taken down/censored/banned.  
  11. No because issues discussed are not sublect to a pending case, CO spends a lot of time policing this up and you can help by not dropping him in the poo legally, after all thats what freind are for, and I will say it again INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, WHICH PART OF THIS SENTENCE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND, perhaps if some one was making allegations about you dear you might get very hsitty about it
  12. I don't think being aggressive will help.  If you had explained your position clearly from the outset instead of blasting out orders then we would not need half the posts on this thread.

    We all have the upmost respect for the COs and the last thing anyone wants is to cause trouble for the site.

    You will find that people respect and listen to each others' views on here if they are made in an rational way.........
  13. I have told you theses facts three times already, you must be blonde!, hope noone washes your undies in public
  14. You have made a serious point about the subject and we can agree not to post further on the topic.  

    Putting that to one side, you must accept that part of using a site of this kind is that others may challenge your comments, regardless of their nature.  Repeating the same thing over and over with increasing aggression and unpleasantness is not an intelligent response and is unlikely to be influential.

    Let's draw a line under this.
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