Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. I have a friend who joined 23 in 83/84. I'll ask him about Tom.
  2. how did he pass selection twice?
  3. Oh Dear.

    Scrambles for pop corn and maltesers to see how this one pans out.

    Is it for real, is it a con? Who knows but killing machine to brush salesman using his them skills to WOW.

    Do you think he does jazz hands when he says WOW?
  4. Wow,a mere £75,wow indeed.

    PS He didn't come onto the balcony with me.
  5. I know that guy, he drinks in my local....
  6. He doesn't.
  7. He does. .............
  8. From what I gather he met someone in a pub who agreed to let him join the SAS? Was he even in the army? The presentation and spelling on the site suggests a man at the top of his game. I'm sending my money today.
  9. I thought only the NZ Them used the maroon beret, and stopped using that in the '60's?
  10. This is 'so old news' I bought his book last year, and used in conjunction with my Army training, I am now a succesful lorry driver. Twice last week I had a full one hour for my dinner, instead of my agreed 45 minutes. ( I've not murdered any prostitutes yet) As a non smoker I didn't leave my cab though, in case I entered a shop and became overwhelmed by the glitzy packaging on the cigarettes that are invariably stashed behind the counter. £75.00 is well worth the money to buy his advice, if you don't have to buy 14 packs of well wrapped, irresponsible little coffin nails, with enough money left over to buy a packet of chewing gum, to disguise my disgusting bad breath.

  11. He works in S.E Asia. So he's a nonce then.
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Other than the incessant references to 'them', is there anything else in there other than over schmaltzed 1980's sales techniques?

    Or am I missing something...

    Oh, yes, there's a picture of him with an Asian bird half his age.
  13. He enjoyed it so much the first time.
  14. Oh, Wow, and Double Wow!! Was I on that Balcony in 1984 alongside him and the 345 other Walts???

    The way this is worded, and this is what usually gives them away, it has all the hall-marks of a cash-up-front business/work-from-home scam...... (all alleged of course.....) "How to sell Toilet Brushes...to people who live in deserts..!"