Who wants to be a millionaire.. Alastair?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldAdam, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. Alastair Campbell and wife appeared on the television programme 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' this evening, on behalf of a leukemia charity.

    It transpired that they had met at the 'Mirror Journalism School', whatever that is supposed to be. All became clear in due course...

    They struggled up to the £8,000 question and hit a snag!

    The question was; 'Which country launched the space station Skylab, in 1973?. A. Great Britain; B. France; C. United States; D. Soviet Union. :roll:

    'Mmmmm... Don't know, what do you think? Well I think it might have been Great Britain... Could have been France..?' :?

    Nah! Still don't know...

    [[So far, neither has mentioned the USA or the USSR, the only two on the answer plot that have managed any kind of significant space launches]]

    'We'll phone a friend!'
    Friend (another journalist?) is equally devoid of the answer! :oops:

    'I still think it was Britain...'
    'Shall we go 50-50?'
    'Yes, okay. We'l go for 50-50, Chris!'
    [Tarrant is squirming in his chair with embarrassment] :oops:
    'Okay, computer, take away two wrong answers!'

    United States and France remain...

    'France! Final answer!' :?

    'FMOB!' screamed Tarrant ((I wish))... 'You've just lost £4,000' :lol:

    And these were so-called trained journalists, one of whom was instrumental in putting Tony B. Liar into office????? 8O

    How the F*CK did he manage it?????? :twisted:
    Answers on a beer mat, please.
  2. You don't have to be clever to be a scheming lying b*st*rd. You don't even have to have a half decent memory. At least that's what they were taught at the Mirror school of journalism. They were obviously top of the class.

    At least he didn't say SkyLab! is that like NuLab but blue?

    T0ssers, the pair of 'em. .

    Still, at least it was another chance to laugh at the supercilious tw*t and his equally dim journalist partner. :roll:
  4. I had my rant about this earlier in the Naffi Bar.
    And dont forget the Alan Partridge question either.

    How can people that thick be in charge of anything?
    If they are an example of Lieblair government its time to start the revolution and replace the lot of them with the residents of your nearest 'special school'.
    At least the window lickers would have an excuse, but to be honest, I think they'll make a better job of it.
  5. relax, its only television.........

  6. With all respect due to Alaistair Campbell (ptooi! ding!)...he probably could have convinced Chris Tarrant that was the right answer or certainly muddied the issues sufficient that if he had asked the audience, 51% at least would have said "France"! So why didn't he? Because he was on his day off of course...
  7. Campbell was pissed throughout the 70s and 80s. An alky can't be expected to remember this.