Who wants the Security questionnaire?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. Help!

    I have been sent an orange security questionnaire (for CTC clearance, I presume?)

    However, after asking for 2 months for said form from my local HQ, they have sent me it without the reply envelope or enclosed notes.

    I cannot send it via my HQ to forward, as it has explicit instructions on it not to do this.

    Does anyone know what the full postal address,department/section/room deals with ATC security clearances?

    I have asked my HQ, who don't seem to know and can't find a reply envelope for the form either? I don't want to send it to them, as
    a) they are not supposed to see it, and
    b) They will as likely, lose it, or
    c) sit on it for 6 months!

    I am already CTC cleared till 2014, and have the letter to prove it, so it shouldnt take too long at all.

    Waiting. out.

    Walt of the Walts
  2. Walt of the Walts, is this the glossy form MOD 1109 to be completed in duplicate? This form is for the purposes of the Basic Check (BC) and the Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) - in the Army it is a prerequesite of commissioning - I'm surprised you've only just received one, since you're already commissioned RAFVR(T). If it is 1109 it is the responsibility of your WHQ to forward to the Defence Vetting Agency (DVA).
  3. No. I'm not commissioned. I will apply for one ASAP, but don't mind entering as an adult SNCO for the time being. I have a civil service commission, and previous service as an adult SNCO.

    The form I have is indeed an MOD1109, but I've only got one copy. It's not glossy, it's orange and it's several stapled pages printed on A4 plain paper.

    It does say quite clearly in bold type face that it must be sen[t] directly, in a sealed envelope to the appropriate security authority at the address below

    The address box below is err...blank. Empty!
  4. Trust me here (famous last words) - your WHQ should forward it. These things are normally passed up the food chain internally - I've never known a case where someone has sent these direct to the DVA. You spoken to the Wing Ad O? The 1109 is definitely meant to be completed in duplicate too, so you need another copy - no photocopies, the real deal - the people who deal with these things are notoriously picky about the type of paper the form is on!
  5. Yep I just sent one off the other day. You send them off to RCB/OASC/AIB or in your case I guess whoevers recruiting you, not to the sneaky-beaky types themselves I understand...
  6. WTF!! WALT....the name says it all!!
  7. What's a Civil Service Commision? Is that like one of those annoying civvies in the mess who keep saying "Well I'm equivalent to a Colonel"?
  8. Defence Vetting Agency
    Building 107,
    Imphal Barracks,
    Fulford Rd, York,
    YO10 4AS

    01904 662485 - why not give them a call?
  9. The requirement not to pass the form back through the issuer is more relevant when List X contractors etc are involved. Civilian personnel who are not involved with the MoD tend not to have an Admin Office or PVRO to handle such things!!

    For MoD and civil service depts, there is usually a nominated person (RAO/RAOWO/PVRO) who deals with the collation and return of the 1109s. You are perfectly entitled to seal the form in an envelope prior to passing it to the PVRO, but I recommend you show the completed form to them. They should be able to spot any potential problems with the forms before sending them onwards. This will save you having to re-submit a new form when the DVA send it back becuase you haven't filled in one box.....

  10. Never claimed to be anything else. Never claimed to be one of 'them' and 'thats me on the balcony'

    At least I do my 'walting' training cadets, and giving them something fun and rewarding to do, just like a previous generation of adult instructors did for me when I was a cadet.

    Better than knocking one watching an 'Ultimate Force' DVD and sticking posters of Henno upon my bedroom wall!

    Anyway I fought my war for 15 years. The war on drugs. And, yes we lost. Or rather governments werent prepared to support us 'in theatre' so to speak. Thats why I have no medals. Only wounds
  11. Confers certain powers and responsibilities, that can be outside of your ususal job description or duties. Gives the holder the right (or really, in practice, an expectation) to assistance from other crown employees, Coastguard, Police, Armed forces, etc in order to carry out legally required tasks or duties.

    Shortly to be abolished. Neu Arbeit thinks its a Victorian anachronism. Fine by me. If it's not in my job description, the answer is 'Fcuk Off and find someone else to do it' or, if I'm feeling polite 'Sorry, not my pay band, old boy!'
  12. would a civil sevice commission be one of them Scrolls thingy or is it all chocolate ?
  13. A4 vellum/parchment document folded into a red leather wallet.