who wants some fun?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mrrandom, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. I suit piloting so much because 3 of my mates were hummed down before my eyes as I landed a helo in Sangin.

    I quit piloting so much because 3 of my mates were gunned down before my eyes as I landed a helo in Sangin.

    Too many bad memories there so I trained to be a sniper and now I'm the 2nd best shot.

    was shown a twitter feed for a Pilot/Sniper/PTI/Combat Defence/Air Assault Soldier

    Jodie Louise K (LCplJodieLK) on Twitter
  2. Please don't tell me that Trojan690 is the same Trojan you and I know from places elsewhere???
  3. What planet is this idiot on???
  4. I love her, I can't wait for Flashy to get onto this, should be some fun whirly bird orientated questions being fired at her quick style.
  5. It gets no better than this. God bless her. I might see if i can get some clunge shots.
  6. These Lance-jacks are on some good wad nowadays

    Quote"Got about £50,000 to spend on a new car so got a lot of choice. Dunno what I want, just keeping my eyes peeled for ones I like". Unquote
  7. Look at the trades, Chinook Pilot, PTI, Sniper, she's done the lot.
  8. Shit i got blocked already.
  9. I heard she was 3rd through the window during the embassy siege
  10. Me too. All I did was suggest that she was full of shit. Some people have no manners
  11. Oh dear
    What a cracker this one is.
  12. @SherrieHewson I'm based at Catterick Garrison for 2 years because last year I was shot in Afghanistan and I'm still partly recovering.

  13. So she's in Catterick and doesn't know where a "Car Sales Place" is? Hmmmm.

    I might need to set up a new Twatter account and have a play.
  14. I've put a follow on her Twitter account - it's a fascinating read....
  15. Yeh mine went along the lines of that. Bitch did not even give me an answer. Worst of all she did not even know what "Soldier Soldier" was. Whats the fucking world coming too.