Who wants a minibus ?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Cutaway, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    On offer is a minibus/camper fully converted for wheelchair transport, specs as follows:

    2 litre Silver Diesel Transit ½-high roof.
    Undersealed, no rust & fsh.
    Driver & pax airbags.
    Twin pax seat moveable from front to rear.
    Electric lift at rear to load wheelchairs.
    Wheelchair tie-down tracks on the deck.
    Extra tie-down points integral with deck.
    Diesel heater to pre-warm engine & interior in winter conditions.
    Electric windows.
    Mirrored side windows for privacy
    Electric mirrors.
    Heated mirrors.
    Electric windscreen.
    Twin heavy duty batteries w/dual charging relay.

    I would prefer this went to a Service Charity for obvious reasons.

    Please let me know soon or it will be sold at a profit.
  2. We're not a service charity but if noone else asks for it my rag are desparate for a minibus.

    Rag is a committee in students unions that raise money for charity all year round. I'm sure we could strike a deal with you and make your service charity one of our beneficiaries for the next few years.

    Sorry I know I'm being really cheeky but its worth a try.

    For more info on us check out www.sheffieldrag.org.uk or to see what we do on a national level you can check out www.ukrag.net They are both good to find other rags who people can apply for money from.
  3. Cuts, is this a left or right dragger?

    I can think of a couple of organisations hereabouts that could do with this wagon very very much.


  4. can you just give to me?

    I is poor ????
  5. I think that we have a possible contender. It is not a service charity but my lot at Abbey Wood (Military Types) support a local Charity for the mentally handicapped. The main organisor for us is an ex Navy PO I will contact him asp.
  6. Any news as to what has happened about this
    I pm'd you Cutaway as it has been ages since I did that I hope it got through. I need retraining after lunch or sometimes a short coffee break in IT matters