Who wants a fight?-Apparently Admiral Sir Michael Boyce

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Taken from SKY News

    So has someone at 'Star' Level finally summoned up enough moral courage to make a statement not entirely in keeping with the 'Message'?
  2. Yes - but conveniently after retirement and as CGS has pointed out about FAS - the only people who whinge are those who have retired.
  3. Thats the only time they can whinge. It's either that or a move sideways and labbeled a trouble maker.

    Good on him for sticking it to bliar.
  4. if only some people would have the moral courage to make a stand when it counts. there's no point in whingeing much much later.
  5. come on smudge - how the hell can the CDS be moved sideways or be labelled a troublemaker. It's not like he needs to worry about resettlement like the rest of us! CDS is always an extremely old bloke who kids have long left home. It's not like he needs to get a job doing security at Poundstretcher :wink:
  7. At least he has spoken out! Perhaps everyman in the position believes he is the one best able to temper the Governments Policy toward the Armed Service? Personally I dont care; another drip onto the Electorates forehead and another blow to Labour claims of responsible Government!!
  8. You know fine well that if he was off-message that he would be moved elsewhere and that move would be directed by a certain geoff hoon. He has numerous reasons not to kick up a stink when he was still in.
  9. Hopefully causing a few more droplets of sweat onto Bliars mug.........
  10. I have criticised PoD in the past for the 'Perceived' lack of backbone with regard to Defence matters. That said I was never entirely unaware of the considerations his positions have put upon him. So perhaps his best bet is; as has Admiral Lord Boyce, to wait for his peerage and then speak up :wink:
  11. Tw@t should speak up now, where's his backbone :?: Where does his first priority lie, with his troops not his own self-interest :evil:

    Spineless goons, all of them :evil:
  12. I think this a bit of a non-story. CDS wasn't given the full legal bumf because he didn't need it. He works for the Govt of the day, if they say "Go to war Mike, it's legal" then he goes to war. Simple really.

    He did the right thing in asking for clrification that the war would be legal, he got it. His job then is to prosecute the war.

    I may be a cynic, but this seems to be a bit of electioneering by mike for the tories.
  13. He should not wait, he should do a Guthrie and to hell with the consequences. He is highly unlikely to be personally impacted beyond the moral after all. It isn't as if he'll be passed over for promotion and frankly the sort of chap that gets fired into the house of Lords would have been excused boots in my day!! Tony's cronies...bleaagh!
  14. does anyone know how these senior officer's are selected? who selects the CDS ans CGS? is it politicians?