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Who wants a cookie?

First grade class comes in from recess.
Teacher asks Alice: "What did you do at recess?"

Alice says, "I played in the sand box."
Teacher says "That's good. Go to the blackboard, and if you
can write 'sand' correctly, I'll give you a fresh-baked cookie."
Alice does and gets a cookie.

Teacher asks Billy what he did at recess.
Billy says, "I played with Alice in sand box."
Teacher says, "Good. If you write 'Box" correctly on blackboard, I’ll give you a fresh baked cookie."
Billy does, and gets a cookie, too.

Teacher then asks Mustafa Abdul Mahmud what he did at recess. He says, "I tried to play with Alice and Billy, but they threw rocks at me."

Teacher says, "They threw rocks at you? That sounds like
blatant racial discrimination! Go to the blackboard and if you can write 'blatant racial discrimination’ correctly I’ll give you a cookie."

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