Who wants a career past 22 years

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Lets hear your views :?

    Anyone interested in serving past their 22 years on an extention???????
  2. Why not??

    Where do i get a job that pays so much for doing so little?? And its only gonna pay more as i get on.

    I get a house for next to nothing that is mantained for free.

    They give me regular breaks from the wife and kids by sending me on holiday to hot countries, :lol: :lol: and they pay me more when i go.............Oh wait.........that wasnt a holiday. Still got paid more tho. :D
  3. Why carry on in the same job and take a 9 grand reduction in your wages?

    Once you complete 22 you have earnt the pension, so move on and draw it!
  4. Mac7778, you comments might hold something if they were prepared to commit and give you until 55, but at the moment there not. I may be wrong (having already left:D ) but as I undertsand it they are only offering 5 year blocks. SO unless you are fully sorted, all you are doing is delaying the inevitable and its a sad fact that the older you are the harder it is to get a job.

    Also I would say that until you have got your pension and lump sum behind you, its difficult to know how you will feel. At my 20 year point I was offered a 3 year extension i.e until my 25 year point. I snapped it up. As my 22 approached, even though I knew I had 3 more years, my mind turned to what I would do at 45 yeras old. One month into my extaension and with £50k lump sum to look forward to and a reasonable pension, I decided to jump ship. I bought my own house first and used the LSSAP and Distrubance and removals, did shed loads of Civvy rcognised courses at Shrivenham, then gave 3 months notice :D and left after just 9 months of my 3 year extension. The only good thing the extension did for me was to give me a wake up call and then allow me to chose my own moment of departure rather than being pushed out the door at 40

    I have no regrets and think the Army was brilliant, but you need to admit to yourself its not going to last forever and plan accordingly. Milk it for what you can and then move on
  5. I think the further that 'Jointery' (I hate that word) progresses between the services, the closer we will come to a true 'serve to 55' plan, as i believe the Air Force already operate. Having met some of the gentlemen engaged on this 5 year extension plan, i can say even at the early stage of my career i am currently at that it's not for me!

    Realistically, within my job tree, there is a possibility of long service thru LE comissioning, but i hope for the sake of my promotion prospects that they don't bring in this 5 year malarky.

    Oh, and can someone clear up an issue for me, is it true that once your 22 finishes (Without LE) and you begin your extension that you cannot be promoted? Something i heard on the grapevine which seems spurious to me...
  6. Having recently completed my 22. I was'nt suprised RMP and SIB, when consulted said 'poke it'. The SPS took it on as the trial and good luck to them. I did 10 years in operational zones and at 40 was well past doing it again. Would be nice to sit on my arse and accept that this is all I could have in life but I took a gamble turned down the chance of the LE bit and with pension am on 62k tax free a year. Whilst the future appears safe under continuance a lot of people don't actually realise just how much they have to offer and what the Army gave them.

    Best advice take some very serious time with that CV, look around, untangle the civvy gobbledigook and you can do most jobs and manage. You also have a work ethic second to non, the Army abuse this but Civvy street might just reward it.

    If in doubt - how many squaddies actually live to get the increased pension at 55?

    Not that I am against a good spell in HMF, brilliant times, no regrets just time to go.
  7. Well as i am still 14 years short of even thinking about my 22 point i feel that at the moment i havent got a good enough excuse to give up what the job is offering.

    But each to there own.
  8. The 22 year point is right. I thought that I could still do lots more but leaving the Army was the right thing and I have not looked back. Best thing to do. Gives one a fresh perspective on things.
  9. Very tue, but hard to see when the old 22 point is looming. But once you take the chance it really does give a differant perspective. There is a need for LE Commissions though but only if they still have the energy.
  10. Some good pointers by all on here and my 22 is getting extremely closer and still got just over two with a six monther away in Afghan next March. I am still unsure what I will do ad because of my job of VM would more than likely be offered V Eng. Good reasoning with your will you reach 55 after being a squaddie with regards of not knowing the future.

    I know all cases are different but any pay gurus out there who knows what the lump sum would change to if you did cntinuence.
    Say for instance after the 22 you could of got (round figure) 50K and 10K a year what would you get if you did the following extra years?

    22yr point 50K 10K a year
    25yr point ___ _________
    30yr point ____ __________
    35yr point ____ __________

    this would be on pen75 I realise it couldnt be exact and index linked but wondered what the benefit of extending would be until your 55 and the full pension kicked in.
  11. You can use the Pension Calculator to check on likely pension amounts post - 22 years. Linky

  12. Personally I have no desire to stay on after 22 years. Time for achange methinks!