Who used C4 as firelighters ?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by dunstaggin, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Recently come back from Lanzarote. The Bullshit that we have to put up with on flights nowadays and pay for the feckin priviledge.

    What we did see is that in lanzarote they do racial profile.

    And why not ?

    Anyway, they take your watches off you at Arrecife airport now.

    I went through Aldergrove early 1974, so know a little about terrorism.

    We are being conned !

    Anyway, C4 was used by the 'old sweat's as a firelighter. Now I am talking about over 30 years ago.

    So what is the BS about airport security ?

    We are being led up the garden path !
  2. ??????????????????
  3. Can I have two of what ever Dunstaggins on!!!!!

    I thought this thread was about using Channel 4 as firelighters!!!
  4. Obviously found the computer instead of the fridge after a good nights drinking methinks,it must have made perfect sense to him though
  5. Yeah...check time and date posted!

    Good night was it?
  6. You see the whole thing was made by lobsters completely out of RUBBER
  7. :thumright:
  8. Lived off poisonous monkeys in the jungle.

    But, you see, I was very very very drunk.
  9. and no doubt said fridge now honks of urine.

  10. This man has a character in Viz.
  11. Ha, but the natives roasted them over firelighters.

    Cannibals, jungle, nasty stuff.

    Then I took out the elephant gun and said

    "You... ... ... .... ..."

    *head falls on keyboard*
  12. You've been drinking too haven't you? :p

    Come on, own up...
  13. On the other hand I did see somebody demonstrate that PE4 would just burn very fast and very hot if you set fire to it. Never tried it myself, I think my subconcious was thinking 'Darwin Award'.

  14. Yeah,probably not for the first time,still better that than a swamped wife eh
  15. At Malta International Airfield, they bodily (invasively) check for Egg Plants.


    They are clearly after zuchinni (Corvette) smugglers!

    (as opposed to C5 and Rolex)

    In keeping with this surreal Thread...