Who took the A out of Adventure Training?

The A in Adventure could stand for many things.   Adrenalin produced by the body gave the thrill that made people take up the sports that we conduct as Adventure Training.   Adventure training is now so safe that there is no longer any adrenalin rush and has now lost any value that it once had for helping soldiers experience/control fear/adrenalin.

Adventure Training in the Army I now feel is almost dead in the water.   Few Units have the time to organise it and there is a lack of instructors or people keen to take up these sports.

Why can we not accept that if carrying out this type of activity that accidents do happen despite any amount of safety instruments put in place?  
I agree, these days the A seems to be more like "Away from barracks" :D

certainly nothing adventurous about riding a bike around the Lake district or canoeing up and down a Garrison swimming pool :D

Though i suppose going to the local climbing wall could be classed as adventurous, you do run the real risk of being garotted by all the ropes and things they attach to you :D


It would help if people motivated themselves to:

1. Get on the courses.
2. Then organise adventurous training.

Too often you see the crappy AT that is happening at the moment because people don't see what is available on our doorstep. Be it s***ing yourself on a crag in the UK or a completing high level path in the Alps.

There is a divide happening in the forces betweent those that do AT and those that don't. perhaps more impetous should be with conducting AT in the UK and affordable training in Europe, rather than a select few going off to Nepal for a few months.

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Have to agree with the comments there.

I have been organising expeds in the alps for about 10 years now and its great to take people away, however the major problem now seems to be lack of funding, time off and other people willing to lend a hand. Most want to do the adventure training but then put nothing back into it and as for the muppetts that sit there and call it skiving. Well all I can say to them is F*$K you fat lazt Tw@ts and get of your arrse and organise something you will then find that its not such a skive afterall.

Rant over! :evil:
"Why can we not accept that if carrying out this type of activity that accidents do happen despite any amount of safety instruments put in place?"

I reckon that the white knuckle ride to or from the activity is the only andrenalin rush that is involved with a lot of so called AT sports/activities.

Good luck to anyone whatever there sport if they are willing to get off there arse/playstation and pursue/promote the activity under the guidlines of the national governing body and not the old men at the zoo in there breeches and wooly sweaters who dictate what is allowed and what is not recognised within the Army.

We desperatley need to sew the seeds for the future generations pursing the sports and activities that are flourishing around us instead of bickering with these old chestnuts and there cries of on duty /off duty status

And that grey area mountain biking which is recognised ,funded pursued by the RAF and some District G3 PATs but not by others? Where do we stand!
Funding issues and ON/OFF duty status is something that is being looked into. Those course hunters that do not conduct AT after a visit to JSMTC and other places are also being looked at. :!:

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