Who told the shooters they were safe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bladensburg, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. For all those that foolishly thought that the Government wouldn't go for shooting after Hunting :roll:. From todays Telegraph:

    And the comment:

    And so it continues.

    They won't need to ban shooting outright, they'll just strangle it with regulations. :evil:

    Well done BASC :twisted:
  2. What the feck is going on with this country? How are farmers supposed to protect their livelihoods? I thought, since the hunting ban, that we are allowed to still shoot foxs because they are pests. Why is the law different for flying rats? Someone, somewhere needs to take some reality pills.
  3. FFS, you'll next be sued by the farmer next door for scaring the pigeons onto his land!
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Most people, when something they've said has been proven to be correct, tend to start their next statement with "I don't like to say I told you so, but......"

    I'm the opposite, I love to say "I told you so." But not, alas, in these cases......

    Honestly, isn't it time we took the country back from these lunatics and let good sense govern our lives ?
  5. 1. Identify all the politicians and animal lib w*nkers that pushed this through.
    2. Locate the parking spots for their cars in London.
    3. Cover their cars with bird seed every night.
    4. See if they are still against shooting pigeons when their Jags are covered in bird shit the next morning!
  6. At the moment, shooters are taking about one "hit" every week. In just the past few weeks:

    a) ebay starts pulling (fully legal) shooting-related items posted by UK vendors;

    b) Landmarc cancels all range bookings by civilian clubs in SE & states that this is likely to continue for foreseeable future (those with tinfoil hats will understand that clubs which cannot shoot will lose their Home Office approval at next renewal & shooters who cannot shoot will lose their "good reason" to own firearms...);

    c) Post Office & couriers considering a complete ban on any parcel containing firearm or parts thereof - so, major impact on retail Gunsmiths among others;

    d) Latest Home Office "Consultation Paper" (hahahahahaha - diktat, more like) considers new swathe of restrictions on reloading components, among other things;

    e) the abovementioned unannounced sweeping (effective) bans on pigeon shooting;

    f) new EU restrictions on packaging & carriage of propellants causes massive increase in reloading costs and dramatic reduction in availability of powder;

    g) er,

    h) there were two other things, but I'm too depressed to remember what they are....
  7. They may have f#cked shooters with the semi-auto rifle ban and the pistol ban (which probably wouldn't have happened unless there was a general election looming). However, at least they were up front about it, unlike this pack of scabby dogs.
  8. My point is I wouldn't trust ANY of them as far as I could throw 'em.
  9. Agreed, but I hear the Tories have said that the handgun ban was a waste of time. Can't see either Neu Arbeit or the Lib dems saying something like that in public.

    Wouldn't want to throw Charles Clark anywhere, fat cnut!
  10. Here is the BASC take on it:

    New licences no threat to shooting

    Home > News > Press Releases > New licences no threat to shooting

    3rd March 2005………………………………………immediate release.

    New wording in the general licences, which allow pest birds such as crows and pigeons to be controlled, will not restrict pigeon shooting or other pest control on shoots or farms.

    BASC has issued advice to its 122,000 members that they will be able to continue to control pests - and in the case of woodpigeons enjoy sporting shooting - as they have done under general licences since their introduction in 1990.

    The EU Birds Directive protects all birds with two exceptions: “game” shooting, subject to certain conditions such as closed seasons, and pest control under licence where there is no other satisfactory solution. This latter condition has always been implicit in all such licences. The new wording merely makes it explicit in order to show beyond doubt that the general licence complies with European law.

    BASC Chief Executive, John Swift, said;
    “Those who shoot or use traps to control pests do not themselves have to have tried other methods first. In the unlikely event of an authorised person being challenged by the police he would simply have to state that what he was doing was a contribution to crop protection and cite the extensive literature that demonstrates non-lethal methods to be ineffective and impracticable. He might also add that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs states in the opening paragraph of the licence “that there is no other satisfactory solution”.

    I think they are being over confident - definately frog in the saucepan approach and as it caught the BASC on the hop they would naturally play it down. Watch this space, by 2010 we will need licences to play on a Playstation if the game has guns in it.

    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"
  11. BASC just doesn't learn does it?

    Over Christmas I had the misfortune to meet a big-time shooter who is involved with several game shoots, commercial, syndicate and private as well as rough shooting. He's also a big noise with BASC, he was positively crowing about the Hunting ban and about how BASC had been very clever to avoid making too much fuss and how this had "saved shooting". This was witnessed, he said, by the clause in the Act that allowed terrier work to continue when protecting gamebirds (but not lambs/piglets/chickens/etc.). There would be no ban on shooting, he said, the Govt. had given assurances.
    I thought, "You really don't get it, do you? They'll get you by the back door and call it `public safety', `gun control' and `animal welfare' ".
    Hope his smug grin is starting to look a bit forced. :twisted:

    As BASC conveniently fails to point out, it is not the Police that will cause trouble based on this but the RSPB and RSPCA with their "inspectors" and all their fellow-travellers.
    The RSPB has already made a fuss about the shooting magazine that offered a £500 prize for the most magpies terminated, claiming magpies do no damage. Ironicaly the RSPB was whining last year about the decline in songbirds (whose numbers have declined while magpies have increased) yet when someone tries to arrest this decline by reducing one of the major predators they complain. Indeed, the RSPB line is now that avian predators have no effect on smaller birds :roll: .
  12. Hmmm....

    As long as they keep off the game shoots certain people and certain orgamanisations will remain remarkably quiet.
  13. But you need to shoot corvids to protect gamebirds... and I bet BASC has more members that pot the odd pigeon on a sunday morning thn members prepared to pay £25/bird for driven pheasant.

    Anglers next, isn't it?
  14. What about horse-riding. Shouldn't that be banned as it's degrading to the horse making them carry around us humans all the time. Poor unpaid beasts of burden!