Who to run for?

I've stupidly put my name down to run the London Marathon 2006. A stupid moment my knees may live to regret. Mrs 3v is trying to get me to run in aid of dyslexic one legged cats but I'd prefer to run for a proper charadee.

Anyone know of any mil associated charities with spaces for runners?



Book Reviewer
If nobody else takes you up on that kind offer plse think about running for Combat Stress cf www.combatstress.org.u...efault.asp

Their fundraising department Rosie Gibbons would be very glad to hear from you and to send you a pack.

( BTW oppo, I suspect you've applied for a place - you won't hear until December whether you have actually GOT one, if my experience is anything to go by)

London is a great,GREAT day - put me down for a florin a mile, whoever you race for !

Le Chevre
Cheers Le Chevre. I have indeed applied direct but have been advised that getting onto a charity might increase my chances, even if I do get my own place I'll run for someone!

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