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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by T0mb3d, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    I've been tinkering with the idea of joining the TA for a while now - the past 3 years to be exact - however work has kept me busy, so it's been on a back burner.

    I am now however wanting to join ASAP. I wanted to join as a CMT, but to be honest i was put off by the lack of civvie street quals and from the looks of it they are more after paramedics/ambulance technicians anyway. I am now looking to join the sigs or int, as it fits my 'skills' the best. As long as i get to do a bit of running around like a headless chicken a couple of times a year i'm happy really. :D

    I am 21 years old, relatively fit (the push ups, sit ups and miles won't be a problem) and i work in IT (5 years now) - i hold a handful of vendor certs and a NVQ for my sins. I'm pretty responsible too - i've got a mortgage, i half way through an 2 story extension (money pit), i hold a senior technical position at the company i work for and i take part in a 24/7 on-call rota.

    So, who should i join? I live in Newcastle, so i've got 3 Mil Int near by and a couple of Royal Engineers (71 and 72 Regt).

    What is the chances of mobilisation like? I've heard 1 tour every 3 years, although i'm not too sure how true that is. I wouldn't join if i didn't want to be called up, however work and the OH might not be best chuffed when i'm off every year for 6 months topping up my tan! Once every 3 years is more than enough for me.

    Also, what are the turn around times for new recruits, how long before i'm trained and how long before i'm up as a candidate for mobilisation?


  2. Try 5RRF as I believe they are now designated. In my day (old fogey) it was 6RRF and a damn fine batallion till Tonybliar killed it, - something the neither the Boxheads (twice) nor the Ivans ever managed.
    I hear good things about 5RRF and of course you will have a fine tradition and learn to love/hate Otterburn.
    There is something about wearing a red and white hackle on Tyneside which really makes you feel good as it harks back to the old RNF days.
    Within the infantry system you can pick up quite a few other skills, such as medic or signaller if you so desire, plus the essential soldier skills of inf work.

    Just my ha'porth.
    Which part of the Toon are you from?
  3. All TA mobilisation is "intelligent" at the moment... i.e. "Sapper Tomb3d - if we were to call you up in Jul for six months, would that give you a problem?" or "Boss, it's looking like work may be quiet next summer and they would be able to let me go for six months.. anything interesting going in Afghanistan - can you let Glasgow know I'm interested?"

    By law they can't call you up more often than (i think ) every three years...

    IMHO you need to find a TA unit that you feel at home with rather than specifically matching your work background, so go along and find out. Most independent TA units will be happy for you to turn up (by prior appointment) to look & see. National TA centres have equivalent arrangements...
  4. Don't forget D Sqn QOY, just up the road from St. James's Park.
  5. Im also thinking about joining the TA, Ive been to see the fella at D company, The rifles,in Washington, he said its part of 5RRF. It sounds canny. Ive got all my paperwork filled in, i just need my gaffer to sign the reference part then its good to go. I dont really know what to expect from the basic training though, the fella told me that the looking at life course was a fairly easy 1.5 mile run in under 14mins but other people say its under 10.30, can anyone shed any light on this please? i ran 1.5 miles in 10.30 dead on yesterday but when i went out this morning i hit 10.58 which is dissapointing but i know i can hit my target of atleast 10mins dead! What about the strength exercise's? is it best effort for press ups, sit ups etc? or do you have to hit the benchmark?

    I know youve probably been over this a million times but any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    The first run you will do is 1.5 miles and has to be completed in under 14 mins. Thereafter the time depends on age.

    I suspect that you are in the 18-30 category, so you have to complete it in 10.30. Remember this is a limit, not a target... so ideally you should be running much faster.

    Press ups and situps also depend on age. The requirements are here: http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/MATT under MATT2.

  7. if your interested in 5rrf come allong tonight 21/10/08 we have an open night on
    at st georges ta centre on sandyford rd jesmond