Who the hell are we going to vote for next time...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hexitele, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. I think my title speaks for itself.

    The three main parties are an absolute sham and are basically one big party that just changed places now and then in order to allow each other a go in the drivers seat.

    So who the hell do we vote for next time???
  2. None of the above.

    Oh, I forgot, we don't get that box on our voting slips do we...
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  3. Me!
  4. Seriously though. We're****ed unless we can get rid of the big three (no not the RAF regt, they're going nowhere)

    I really fail to see how anyone in their right mind not working for one of the three main political parties could actually vote for them.

    Let's face it. As long as labour make an appearance they are going to win as like a heroin addict the country needs its credit fix, regardless of the consequences.

    I know it's not exactly next week but the future really is bleak.
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  5. Try voting for one of the minor parties then. They've become complacent because they know that 'fear of the other' will drive their traditional constituencies to vote for them. Break the cycle of intellectual laziness in the electorate and they may just start actually seeking votes instead of just pandering to a minority of swing-voters.
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  6. The only way is UKIP.
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  7. The only way is down when you go off a cliff but you wouldn't want to do it deliberately.
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  8. Hmmm... I see a teensy weensy flaw in generalising about the minor parties here. What if the minor party is 'Respect' with a complete and utterly self serving twat like George Galloway for a leader? I couldn't in all honesty vote for 'Respect' because they're just going to turn out as a minor version of big three parties. Really not sure about UKIP as I'm suspicious of them slagging off the gravy train that is Europe but seeming quite happy to take the money whilst they're part of it ...even if I do quite enjoy Nigel Farage's tirades against the fat twats running things for themselves.
    Perhaps voting for a genuinely Independent candidate would do to upset the apple cart.
  9. I think even if Boris gets in he'll be hamstrung by the suits in the background. I fear there's no escape from it where the big three are concerned.
    Maybe Gordon Brown will run for leadership after those idiots cheered him at the Paralympics... Unbelievable. :roll:

  10. Another bunch of Clowns!

    What makes you think that they'll be any better than the rest?

    To make the big three parties sit up & take note, it would take a huge part of the electorate to vote UKIP......
    & they won't.

    Because we've got all the Northerners & Welch & Jockanese who will vote for Liarbor, because their father's & father's father's did!

    You're right though, Liabor, Cons & Libs are a waste of space & really need an electoral kicking.
    I wish it would happen....but it won't!

    We are****ed!!!!!
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  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just checking by the big three, you mean, SNP, Labour and Lib-Dem? Though after the colition business, don't see the Lib-Dem getting many votes
  12. I'll give you a hint. Type "Nigel Farage" into youtube and sit back and be entertained. Then make up your mind.
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  13. Nothing which might result in a majority or coalition Government containing Vince Cable in any capacity whatsoever.

    Which sort of limits the options really.....
  14. If Boris gets back in Parliament and takes over the show I will vote Tory again. If Cameron is in power UKIP. CMD would not know leadership if it slapped him in the face with its cock.

    It seems like he is driven by a will to power but when he gets some he is too much of a coward to use any of it where it really counts. He needs to realise he is not getting a second term so stop putting big calls off until post 2015 (airports etc).

    He is hated by the left for being a Tory. He is hated by the poor for being moderately wealthy and he is hated by real Tories for being a sopping wet, spineless, centre left, wooly-headed, unimaginative, clown that believes absolutely nothing, thinks nothing, and has in all likelihood never had an interesting thought in his vapid existence.
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