Who the fu=k is this

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fooboy, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Found this on facebook today. Thats some collection of bling. has to be a walt. Any takers on his ID

    (images removed because of ownership. See my post on about page 9 about fake legal threat. Good CO)
  2. Oh do **** off.
  3. Oh I like that. All I can help with is that the ones in the ice cream suits are US Navy.

    Perhaps he was invited to a wedding and didn't want to be the odd one out?

    Lets have a link!
  4. Suppose the guy who had this lot was a walt too?


    Linky thingy
  5. He's Alfie Noakes and he's got stories from the North.
  6. When in Rome as they say...or in this case, when in the US do as US forces do and have tons of fake medals.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't you ask the person whose Facebook page you've nicked it off

    Saw a HCR lad with 10 medals
    Belivable after the last 15 years
  8. Have just read the link. Now thats uber-hardcore Ally!!
  9. Am I the only one seeing 2 rows of medals on the bloke? Top row looks normal enough but why's he got a second row underneath?
  10. Mirror image ;)
  11. Bloody hell, either he has done a fair bit of travel in his time or his E bay Account was red hot when he bought that lot....And as 5 Alpha say top row Fine, whats the ones under it ????
  12. It looks like a 2nd set has been photoshopped onto his originals. They look too high up on his chest.


    Individual Decorations & Service Medals:

    Distinguished Service Cross (with one Oak Leaf Cluster)
    Silver Star (with nine Oak Leaf Clusters)
    Legion of Merit (with three Oak Leaf Clusters)
    Distinguished Flying Cross
    Bronze Star Medal (with "V" Device & seven Oak Leaf Clusters)(Seven of the awards for heroism)
    Purple Heart (with seven Oak Leaf Clusters)
    Air Medal (with "V" Device & Numeral 34)(One for heroism and 33 for aerial achievement)
    Army Commendation Medal (w/ "V" Device & 3 Oak Leaf Clusters)
    Good Conduct Medal
    World War II Victory Medal
    Army of Occupation Medal (with Germany and Japan Clasps)
    National Defense Service Medal (with one Bronze Service Star)
    Korean Service Medal (with Service Stars for eight campaigns)
    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Vietnam Service Medal (2 Silver Service Stars = 10 campaigns)
    Armed Forces Reserve Medal
    Unit Awards:

    Presidential Unit Citation
    Valorous Unit Award (with one Oak Leaf Cluster)
    Meritorious Unit Commendation
    Badges & Tabs:

    Combat Infantryman Badge (w/ one Star; representing 2 awards)
    Master Parachutist Badge
    Army General Staff Identification Badge
    Foreign Awards:

    United Nations Service Medal (Korea)
    Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device (1960)
    Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (with two Gold Stars)
    Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (with two Silver Stars)
    Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal (1st Class)
    Vietnam Staff Service Medal (1st Class)
    Vietnam Army Distinguished Service Order, 2d Class
    Vietnam Parachutist Badge (Master Level)
    Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation
    Republic of Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation
    Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (with three Palm oak leaf clusters)
    Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Honor Medal, First Class Unit Citation (with one Palm oak leaf cluster)
    World War II Merchant Marine Awards:

    Pacific War Zone Bar
    Victory Medal

    Just missing the CMH award but again all earned just like Audies
  14. 4th one in on the bottom row seems to be a cross of some type.
  15. Definately looks like a bit of photoshop...Either that or he has scooped a few up working with the Yanks and is hunting for doe eyed beaver at a wedding.
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