Who the F* wants a squaddie?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Yeah_Innit_Blud, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Now, I'm not a bad guy, quite the opposite in fact, I'm fairly decent, but the biggest problem I have with women is the fact I am in the Army.

    The moment girls find out I am in the Army, they don't want to know. What is it about guys in the Army that many women (the ones I go for at least) find such a turn off? Are we all cheaters? Do none of us want a long term relationship? Seriously, what is it about the fact that I am a soldier that puts women off so much?

    Yes, I know lots of women apparently have a thing for guys in uniform, but in my experience they are all fat mingers who don't actually want to work at all and just want to get MQ and stay at home having babies. (apologies if this is you). But I don't want that. I want an educated girl with a good job, but this seems completely incompatible with Army life.

    Am I destined to settle for one of the fat, monstrous wives that I see down the NAAFI or just be completely single for the remaining time I have left in the Army? And don't even start about girls IN the Army. They all fall into one of 3 categories:

    1. Lesbian
    2. Engaged/Married
    3. Scutters

    Should I resign to my fate and find myself a typical squaddie wife?
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  2. Yes you should. Ron Hills and white stilletos beckon you unless you marry a foriegn bird, avoid dem jormans though, miserable *******.
  3. I fail to see the problem with option 3.
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  4. Noooo! I know a guy getting married to a tidy Thai chick though. Maybe I should book myself some holiday soon and nab one myself.

    Maybe, but I'm getting old and there is only so long a single guy of my age is acceptable. Pretty soon I become the old, creepy single dude. I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT GUY!
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  5. You seem to have forgot the regt/squadron T shirt as well!, unless it's cold - hubbies buffalo jacket!
  6. "Who the F* wants a squaddie?"

    Nobody...you all smell bad, have beer and fag breath and sweetcorn on the end of your willies! We only go out with you for the cheap vodka in the Mess!
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  7. Mine wont even take me for a drink, miserable sod - that said he doesn't drink, smoke or seem to have the sweetcorn so I do wonder if he's really a squaddie at all.

    YIB the educated girl with a good job can't imagine anything worse than being forced to pack in her good job to follow some bloke to his next posting, where she'll be stuck with a range of job options including baby incubator, supermarket shelf staker or worse NAAFI bird, because her old style of employment wants her to have the same commitment to her job as you do yours and won't employ someone who may well be moving again in a years time.

    My advice stick to the scutters, if you find a well educated girl willing to stick with you in a couple of years she'll be one of the fat wives in the mess on the odd nights she can get you to baby sit the numerous sprogs shes had to pass the time.
  8. My bold. You fibber. He took you out on the 31st July 2009. I was there to witness it (for about the first hour or so).
  9. Or find an artist type? They seem to be capable of bringing intelligent conversation into things and aren't career women in the sense of sticking in one place, they tend to like being moved around... finding a good looking one is a different matter, but you may be harbouring a future female monet/picasso all they have to do is die before you and you'll be minted ;)
  10. He won't take me out where there is cheap vodka can be found then, London with you lot off of 'ere doesn't usually have cheap vodka!
  11. For what it's worth I do believe it is possible for a nice genuine squaddie guy to find a nice well educated woman. But the task ahead of you is mammoth! It's like a door with a million locks and your key only opens one of them! (sorry to go a bit disney there!)

    I was once upon a time a well educated girl dating a squaddie. On two occasions in fact. With me having had some army experience things were easier on the "always being away from one another" front and/or lack of contact. But in the end they both cheated... one has just married his fat mistress after she had his sprog last year - she apparently still doesn't know about his collection of girls across the country... The other came complete with a psycho ex who he was keeping sweet to maintain his options... she still messages me on faceache from time to time with utterly feeble attempts at threats.

    So I've had my fingers burnt twice now. My girl mates from uni said "I told you so". But would I still date a squaddie in future? Never say never... comparing it to my experiences of dating civvies/student boys I'd say theres no real difference.

    Squaddies are preceded by a formidable rep for being players (you might not be, but you will be tarred with the same brush til proven otherwise) and add to that the hassle of distance, potential moves across the country/to germany or cyprus and a lot of girls just can't be arsed to make the effort tbh.

    Just as a matter of interest...when you say you are getting old, how old do you mean? Some girls will go for older men before younger as they reckon the older ones will be more ready to settle...so you ageing is not necessarily so bad...
  12. I just like to snog other girls in front of squaddies and watch them melt. A good night out for a fiver and that includes a maccyDs Jennixx
  13. See there are still educated classy girls out there .....................
  14. No, but then again, I imagine you're a thrusting young blade and therefore should be destroying wombs all over the world, tis the squaddie way. There's a lifetime to get married, in the time I was in, I had two long term relationships, didn't need them to live with me or even nearby, infact they were probably the only reasons they became long term relationships. Don't wish your life or your wages away chap, enjoy the military adventure you're on and if you meet someone who you want to settle down with, cool, if not, get poking everything with a heartbeat.
  15. Does that include female squaddies? One of the best shags I had was from one!
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