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Who taught you to Shave? (One for the 45-55 year olds)

Who Taught you to Shave

  • Family Member

    Votes: 16 25.0%
  • Military

    Votes: 8 12.5%
  • Detective Murtaugh

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • self taught

    Votes: 36 56.3%

  • Total voters
Well obviously I don't have a beard, so I can't answer this one sensibly.

If we were talking legs, I'd have answered from a Gillette Venus advert when they first came out.

Why is Desperate Dan not on the poll?

In training at the Guards Depot, we all had to shave every day, whether you needed to or not, using a DE safety razor and shaving stick. That put me off them for life and I've been multiblade ever since but thinking of giving DE another go due to cost of blades.

I'll never forget my first shaving related bollocking at Sandhurst.

- OCdt Jorrocks, did you use a mirror to shave this morning?

- Yes Staff

- Well try using a razor next time.
Self-taught with Bic disposable. It was pretty simple really. Ripped my face apart first few goes until I learned what works, what doesn't, and what's guaranteed to make me bleed :)

That was like 40+ years ago, and the technology today is just so much better. 5-bladed swiveling head with lubrication strip and separate trim blade, soap in gel form etc. It's just so expensive. Need to buy some shares in Gillette. I've tried the Harry's and DSC jobs, not a patch on Gillette. So I guess I'll pay up and look happy.
Not a clue what you are jibbering on about, par the course for most of your posts.

If you’re clueless that’s your problem
However since you’re being dense

Google Donald Pleasance, discover his cameo role which was one of many in such a classic film of a great homage to Went the day well