Who takes parades (supervisor or RD)?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ragnar, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. What is the rule on this?

    When the SSM isn't in the next most senior SNCO jumps into the role, but they are a supervisor (the Tp SSgts are Sgts - its a TA unit). Yes its a TA unit but surely its happened in the rest of the corps at some time

    Is that right?
  2. Rank is rank!

    If the SSM is unavailable then he/she should pick a suitable designate to carry out his/her duties. I have seen a few FoS take Sqn parades in the past but I suppose it depends on the personalaties at the time. At Sqn level though you may not have a WO2 FoS/YoS.

    You need to look at the contex of the parade. If it is a Scale A Sqn Parade then the senior rank should take it, however a Supvr may need a bit of help in the old Drill department !! so it may not make common sense to put them in an awkard position.

    But if we are talking of a works parade then the Tp Sgts should be able to carry on.

    I do not really see that much of an issue, sounds like you have a few seniors with a c0ckstand about who is "senior" etc.

    Like I said before any SSM worth his/her salt would make sure they had arranged responsable cover before he/she went on leave/course so these issues would not be an "issue".
  3. Who gives a t*ss?
  4. Remember that all supervisory trades have been through the Sgts course - surely they still do drill?

    Yeah absolutely - I've always seen the SQMS or a troop staffy stand in for the SSM on a Sqn parade. Let's face it, they're all aiming to become WO2 RD at their next promotion, so they're the natural choice to step in and get a chance to prove they can do the low-level G1 ceremonial aspects. Common sense really and nothing to do with rank - why would a e.g. WO2 FofS want to "hear your eyeballs click"when he's spent all that time being trained to do his job, it's best given to someone who is being groomed to do the job in future.
  5. this is a pretty sxxt subject but at our its the sqms who takes the pde instead of ssm :p
  6. Normally the SQMS for us too, although Tp Staffys have been selected prior.

    As has been said, it is usually aranged prior to the day, and FoS and Yos usually have better things to do.
  7. soz if I've narked a few, it was a genuine question.

    2 Sigs Bde TA units generally don't have a SQMS, thats a NRPS job. As CF mentions the YofS and FofS normally have better things to do. It doesn't make sense for a YofS or FofS in the absence SSM to take on his job, so I'm right in thinking its normally rank thing - as I expected.

    And if our rank structure was correct I wouldn't have posted this in the first place

    thanks for the replys
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. I was always under the impression that it was the SQMS. Likewise, the RQMS usually takes on the RSM's duties when he's on leave.