who still makes swords?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dutybooty, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. dutybooty

    dutybooty Old-Salt

    Read this week that Wilkinson Sword no longer make swords...any information on where to go alternatively would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, DB
  2. Gun_Doc

    Gun_Doc Old-Salt

  3. dutybooty

    dutybooty Old-Salt

    cheers, will look that one up. Any others for a comparison?
  4. Baghdad-Brit

    Baghdad-Brit War Hero

    I thought wilko were only stopping ceremonial / collectable swords.

    Are they sacking pukka military ones as well?
  5. dutybooty

    dutybooty Old-Salt

    Yes, wrote to them direct and the dit is that they're now concentrating solely on razors and "skincare products for men". Beefers
  6. gijoe

    gijoe Old-Salt


    How did you get on with this lot swordwise?

    I have to source one for unit.