Who should you vote for?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Julian_Walker, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. As an example Enlightenment said in one of the threads
    which is a variation of a question asked many times. So this raises the question "who should you vote for?"

    Most members of this forum are either serving or former members of the armed forces and, as such, are familiar with the concepts of duty and public service. If you think that there is no-one worth voting for then surely it is your duty to find someone who is. If you are unable or unwilling to put yourself in the position then you should be looking for someone who shares your ideals and values and you should support and encourage them to stand.

    Being a Member of Parliament is supposed to be a Public Service Job and the job is to represent the people, the constituents, at a national level and to participate in the management of the country on their behalf. Public Service requires sacrifice and whether that is time, privacy, personal opportunity or any other facet of the individuals' life the Public Servant must place the requirements of the job above their own self interest.

    If you complain about the wrong people getting into parliament then you need to find the right ones and help them get there. If you think that the general population have no interest or connection with politics then you need to educate them and encourage them to participate. If nobody makes the effort then what we are left with is the current crop of "professional" politicians who represent the party over the people.

    I believe that the current government will cling on to power until the last possible moment and, barring a significant change in circumstances, that gives us two years to set up a change. Can you be bothered to help the country out of its current malaise or will you just sit there and complain about self-serving politicians and bad policy.

    I've had enough of the state we're in and so I'm in the process of setting myself up to stand as an MP next time around, what are you going to do?

  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    So which paper do you work for Julian?
  3. What party do you belong Julian?
  4. Vote for me.

    Im spartacus
  5. Hello hogspawn,

    no you're not,I'm Spartacus!

  6. Maybe not,

    But I AM McLovin
  7. I am giving a gazillion quid to assorted non New Liebour parties, knocking on doors and leafleting etc

    I am also planning a number of weapons stockpiles for when the inevitable day of reckoning arrives and Albion shall be washed in the blood of the un groovy.
  8. Vote for me.

    Im Andrea
  9. Predictable response I suppose but let me ask you this, why should I be working for a paper?

    The thread title is a rhetorical question, I am not asking who you're going to vote for I'm asking what are you willing to do to make a difference. No specific answer is required and the purpose of the thread is to stimulate discussion and to spread ideas in order to get the right kind of people in government.

    I'm not asking you to vote for me (if you live in the constituency I intend to stand for), if I can't convince you that I'm the right man for the job then I don't deserve to be elected.

  10. Vote for Julian

    He's McLovin
  11. "Predictable response I suppose but let me ask you this, why should I be working for a paper"

    Because you have 2 posts to your name, you are posting on a controversial issue in the run up to an election and journalists routinely trawl this site for information to get shock horror stories. Give us credentials, give us service history and try to convince us that you are real and people may take you seriously.

    PS - contrary to claims by pretenders, I'm spartacus and so is my wife.
  12. Sixty

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    Vote for Sven!

    Sorry. There's always one who takes it too far.
  13. Maybe you should post on a rhetorical question website then instead.