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Who should replace "Gorbals Mick"?

Who should replace the esteemed Speaker if he were so unfortunate as to fall under a bus.

Obviously they must have certain qualities I name a few, others may have their own ideas.

Ability to see all sides of an argument.
Have the respect of his peers.
Have a bi-partisan approach.

My three front runners are:

Galloway, Mr George (Respect) Bethnal Green & Bow
Adams, Mr Gerry (SF) Belfast West
McGuinness, Mr Martin (SF) Mid Ulster

Anyone e;se any suggestions?
Sounds like a perfect job for Ming Campbell. A chimp could do a better job than the current Speaker, whose only great achievement has been to award himself a whopping pension at our expense.
The Beast of Bolsover is still alive and kicking, though due to retire at the next election I believe.

To all the rest of you, who put forward their own names and that of fellow Arrsers, is that a statement of intent to run for Parliament?

If so I take it that you will be forming a new Party (in the broadest sense of the word Party)