Who should replace "Gorbals Mick"?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 06FA56Paderborn, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Who should replace the esteemed Speaker if he were so unfortunate as to fall under a bus.

    Obviously they must have certain qualities I name a few, others may have their own ideas.

    Ability to see all sides of an argument.
    Have the respect of his peers.
    Have a bi-partisan approach.

    My three front runners are:

    Galloway, Mr George (Respect) Bethnal Green & Bow
    Adams, Mr Gerry (SF) Belfast West
    McGuinness, Mr Martin (SF) Mid Ulster

    Anyone e;se any suggestions?
  2. George galloway
  3. In no particular order: Cernunnos, Litotes, Biscuit-AB, me, rebel_with_a_cause. What a bunch of non-partisan cnuts we are.
  4. Is Skinner still breathing? The Beast of Bolsover would have made a great Speaker a few years ago.
  5. Me
    I hear the pension that goes with a job there is excellent.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Tony Blair. He is honest, releiable, non-partisan, genuine, modest and totally unselfish.
  7. Sounds like a perfect job for Ming Campbell. A chimp could do a better job than the current Speaker, whose only great achievement has been to award himself a whopping pension at our expense.
  8. Peter Mandelson.. :D
  9. The Beast of Bolsover is still alive and kicking, though due to retire at the next election I believe.

    To all the rest of you, who put forward their own names and that of fellow Arrsers, is that a statement of intent to run for Parliament?

    If so I take it that you will be forming a new Party (in the broadest sense of the word Party)
  10. A LAPTOP then we can all have a go
  11. If the speaker is allowed do two turns at the job because I don't fkincu know then come back sexy Betty Boothroyd,
  12. Ming Campbell? no, what about the other Campbell - everyone in Westminster's afraid of HIM!
  13. Norman Baker, hasn't a chance though because of the stink and the book he wrote about the murder sorry suicide of Dr David Kelly
  14. The job would better suit someone who likes to go to work wearing silk stockings, gowns and lace cuffs.