I manage a small team of tri-service SNCOs and Officers as well as some time wasters (civil servants). I was somewhat suprised to find that my replacement does not intend to make any brews for the team, although he does NOT expect them to make his brews.

This kicked off a discussion in the office about Jack Jocks (most the scottish staff find excuses not to make a round of brews) and whether it should be done on cost (based upon capitation rates) of peoples time or by some other method of selection.

As a way of finding harmony I thought it would be good to throw this question into the bear pit that is the NAAFI......SO WHO SHOULD MAKE THE BREWS??
Hmmmm, this requires some thought...... make us a brew whilst I'm doing so, will you?
A colleague of mine always refused to make tea on grounds of Health & Safety, saying that, because his fingers were always up his nose, up his bum, etc ..... it wouldn't be hygienic.
you should make them every time; that way you know that there is nothing in your brew that shouldn't be there, and that there is loads of knob-cheese, saliva and snot in the others. :)
In my office I make jack brews but also I dont expect them off anyone else, don't trust anyones hygeine!! Either that or had the top rimmed to many times!!


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if you dont drink brews, then you shouldnt have to make them. Am still incensed that a certain NCO made me go and get brews even i dont drink the stuff. This was after he had gone round getting an order from everyone...
Frankly I think it is just good manners when making yourself a brew to offer to do it for others too. I would hope that this would become reciprocal. I hate people that make Jack brews.
The sprog makes them...unless of course his.or her doing so affects their delicate sensiblities, and requires them to attend therapy after speaking to the EO bloke about bullying and persecution in the work place.
play spoof at the start of the day... thats how we used to do it

the loser had a specifically made pirates hat. with brew bitch scrawled along the side. in working hours if you wanted a wet then this man had to do it... no shimfing either

top tip dont let the ssm see you wearing the pirates hat.
This is a difficult one. If it was a simple crew job on a tank (which I'm familiar with) it's easy - the radio operator makes the brew.

If it's an office situation it's different.

I think you should take a vote on it.
Usually its pretty simple, the youngest or newest gets to make the brews, or a woman, or any one with the basic hygiene needed to not give everyone dystentry, and certainly not am American.... have yet to meet one yank who had the vaguest notion on how to make a cup of tea with out buggering it up left right and centre
I think you should make all the brews and stop being a whiner.
I'd agree with ice.

You want a wet, ask anyone else if they would want one whilst making it.

Obviously this leads to the sort of tactics Napolean would be proud of, as each person tries to work out when to make a brew with the least number of extra wets to be made.

Those that only take the proffered wet, rather than make them on a regular basis should be publicly ridiculed as a jack brew maker or slurper of others efforts till they make a round out of sheer guilt/shame. Or have their brews liberally sprinkled with "extras".
In any team, the junior bod makes the brews.

In a Tri Service team, the Andrew are senior to the Army, and the Crabs junior to all less the WRVS.

Thus the most nig of the Crabs is your brew biatch.

I am somewhat surprised that a SNCO/ Officer hasn't already figured this bit out. . . .
Ah. tri service eh? Missed that. In that case your off the hook. Let the Sailors and Airmen squabble over who makes the brews.
The nig of the dept is RAF Flight Sgt with 24 (between the RAF & Army) years served and counting....IMHO it should be the civil servant but he keeps muttering about the PCS :x

Okay please place nig order:

WO2 (Army) Nurse
WO1 (Navy) Medic
CPO (Navy) Nurse
FS (RAF) Medic
C2 (Civil Servant)

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