who should i see?

i didnt know excactly where to post this but here seemed the best place, i got run over a couple of weeks ago (and before you say anything i was on the path!!!) and its left me with pretty bad pain in my foot and lower back and i seem to get headaches in the morning but wether they are connected i dont know.
anyways the question is who exactly do i see? there arnt any military hospitals nearby, i am still on leave untill sunday but want to take some sort of proof back with me so they know im not biffin it!

any help is much appreciated! :D


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You can go to any GP as a visitor. He will examine and treat you as required. He can lso provide the required documentation.

As a matter of courtesy (and to cover your back) contact your ROO/Duty Clerk and let them know you have seen a Doc and why.
Might also want to see a chiropractor if you are getting back pain and headaches. The NHS wont refer you to one so itll cost but the one I go to at least helps alot of people who come in after RTIs.


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