who should i join ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by smoggy_mfc, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. might sound like a daft question but i am torn between joining the Army or joining the RAF, is basic training different on both forces ( i can imagine army to be harder) also does anyone know what the difference is in day to day life between both forces ?
  2. Sure - in the army you WORK for a living. :D
  3. if you join the RAF people will only laugh at you, join the army and stop been a remf
  4. get the point lol but still whats the difference in basic training in both forces ?
  5. The question is: What do you want to do? Then it could be narrowed down a little bit.
  6. Well the main difference is the Army DOES basic training.

    The RAF merely lounge by Hotel swimming pools being pampered by Air Hostesses and only working 4 hours a day whilst being payed an absolute fortune....
  7. Join the not so Civil Service, you can then FCUK us all around! .. :wink:
  8. so your saying RAF don't do basic training ?
  9. This is an Army website with the occasional visitor from elsewhere. Very few (if anybody) on here will have done both training for the Army and the RAF. I suggest you get yourself down to the recruiting centres or whatever they're called these days and ask each individually. You might also want to decide what you want to do once you have completed basic training.
  10. The RAF call it Induction or Orientation week. This is the first week of your RAF career. A variety of events are held to help orient and welcome new Recruits.
    It is often accompanied by a wide range of social activities, including live music and other performance events, a large amount of drinking, sports challenges, stunts, and open-air markets.
    Although usually described as a week, the length of this period varies widely from base to base ranging from three to ten or more days.

    The Army is similar apart from you have to march around and it lasts for a bit longer.

    I were you I’d join the RAF.
  11. obviously everyone on an ARMY forum would insist on joining the army over the RAF.

    i personally suggest becoming an mp in the labour govt. free house, i will personaly pay your wage, and you can send us where you want for free
  12. The Army get used
  13. Please elaborate!
  14. being a brew bitch for a pilot.....killing people in name of queen and country...army army army.
  15. If you are weak, undciplined, and couldn't give a toss, it's the RAF all the way.