Who screws the MoD for money?

The forestry commission charge the MoD 12 times the going market rate for any trees felled/damaged on a training area that are maintained by the forestry commission (of which there are many examples).
Rumour had it that farmers get paid about four times going rate for any sheep killed, is anyone in a position to back that up?
Kenya - all those locals putting claims in about being raped by soldiers or losing limbs to unexploded ordance - I remember a newspaper report a couple of years ago that followed up some of these claimants and found several people who had their legs miraculously grow back and the children of these rape victims having no sign of "white" in their genetic make-up. The accusation was that the MoD wanted to settle, and fast, as it was easier or someone couldn't be bothered.

I mention this because I find it disgusting that everyone seems capable of screwing the MoD for money (BAe anyone?) with the MoD seemingly having no comeback. This money *could* go towards those training or on ops (obviously if efficiency improved it'd probably just go back to the treasury... but you can always be an optimist) Does anyone have any other examples of any better information on these? Have I been informed wrongly?
Crabby, there is always bounty in wars one way or the other.
Watch 'Iraq for Sale' for real profiteering.
SLRboy said:
Crabby, there is always bounty in wars one way or the other.
Watch 'Iraq for Sale' for real profiteering.
It's not really war though is it.

Profiteering of private companies/contractors in afghan/iraq has to be taken for granted - as does that of arms manufactorers - but the forestry commission? Farmers? Who else is taking MoD for a ride?
Apparantly the army is charged approximately 7 pounds per pinstake as used in their hundred by the RMP, and those useless bardic lamps cost well over 50 each....if i remember correctly. Nearly sh@ my pants when I found out.....
crabby, wars, war training whats the difference?
As for taking war profiteering for granted, why?
Some people giving their lives whilst others make exploitative profits,
why bother fighting?
It is the same with what used to be the NHS. We had some wards refurbished and refurnished. The price tags were left on the chairs ..... no-one other than a public institution would have paid that price.

And ........ on a similarish note ...... (but around 26 years ago) ...... my brother had to have his vertebrae fused together and was virtually immobile/fcuked at the age of 22. There weren't the funds in the NHS to do anything for him. So he was sent to RAF Chessington for an intensive physio course ....... cos the MOD was "minted".
Oh yes .... and when I moved here (to exMQ's that had been sold cheap to the public ........ though I bought at the market-rate from the previous civvy owner) .......... we formed a committee to access funds ..... that I was informed had been ring-fenced for environmental improvements ......... and, when we had the full information ....... this money was to come from a soldiers' welfare fund. I hit the roof!!

And I gather from the local "tree woman" that the MOD get things sorted efficiently.

It means that the likes of me get to live surrounded by manicured playing fields, beautiful trees ..... and an abundance of bats, deer, badgers, buzzards, hedgehogs ....... and squaddies :wink: .

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