Who says who must go and who can say no?

Mr Happy

Q.  Lets suppose I earned a multiple 6 figure salary in my civ job and was a L/Cpl at weekends and am not SF.

Not FTRS but S-type paperwork shows up where I'm limited to 22,500 PA but as I earn more WHO HAS THE FINAL DECISION ON WHETHER I GO?

Does it lie with A) me, B) Them or C) Negotiation for mutual ground in which case ultimately it has to go back to A or B right?

Happy to roll out and do the job but would like to know the decision process.  Medals are such fun!


Mr Happy

PS.  I accept I might have the wrong part time job...
I think that if you volunteer for mobilisation at a time when the system is not actively seeking people or go for an S-type / FTRS you get your military salary only - but could anyone with direct experience please correct me if I'm wrong.  The idea is that if you're happy to go in peace time without being asked then you must  be OK with the financial side of it.  

Having observed the process at extremely close range recently I can speak with authority on compulsory mobilisation which is where the 22.5 k (junior) and 37.5 k (senior) limits kick in.  Any money above these limits is subject to Reservists Hardship Award which is a bit of a shambles at the moment - I know a few of the lads who have done their six months without agreeing the amount with the system and consequently haven't seen a penny above their military salary.  

There's a further kick in the teeth if you are a well paid singly, in that you get stung for accommodation as well as food - regardless of whether you have a mortgage.  

My advice to you then young man is not to volunteer unless you can cope on your military salary.  Having said that, if you haven't got a mortgage, can arrange things so that you don't pay rent and go overseas you can save quite a lot of dosh in six months.  One Cpl I know came back from FRY and got a MGF out of the deal.  You'll also have a damn good time.  

Mr Happy

In was in FRY in '96 and received L/Cpl salary whilst there and the rest a few months after my return once it had all been sorted out as a lump sum.  Up to the limit of 22,500.

My Q covers compulsory call up really.  If I volunteer like in '96 then I would expect 22,500.

If I get called up then I would expect at some mobilisation centre or other as part of paper work processing to sit down in front of an AGC pay clerk to go through my paperwork/COLI and then get told (A) You HAVE to go and you WILL ONLY receive 22,500 or (B) We can't AFFORD to mobilise you, no matter how well you can operate an FLRT....

If (A) then on with the job - IF that is what the paper work says.
If (B) then what can be done if I offer to go for an lesser amount (how flexi is this Hardship award) than my full salary or can I NOT be compulsorily mobilised and the decision flips from Uncle Tone wanting a steely eyed pallet mover to me (or Mrs Happy) choosing to go or not....

A follow up question is, if (B) then how will Tony mobilise anyone in Southern England given the average income and that the levels were set in '95.
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As I recall, it wasn't a ''STAB'' who was locked up for refusing to fight in Gulf war 1. or come to think of it, it wasn't a ''STAB'' who hid in a shed in the Falklands war.
There would have been no chance of that would there REMF!
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The point about pay above 22.5k (juniors) is that it probably wont be agreed at Chilwell.  You will have to provide the system with details of your (and your families) expenditure and the system will then tell you how much you need to receive so as to avoid hardship - their definition, not yours.  You can appeal (as most people I know do) but you don't get anything above your military pay until you agree an amount, which has taken longer then the period of mobilised service in some cases.  

What you will get agreed quickly and efficiently is 22.5 k - assuming you get paid more than that.  

It is also worth bearing in mind that the staff dealing with this have told quite a few people (including me) that in a general war  - ie a mass callup - there will be no compensation paid at all - so we should be grateful for anything.  This had the opposite effect intended however.  

This is fair enough I suppose in a real war - eg a major central european punch-up - where the UK will be under direct attack and no-one in their right mind will hound the family of a serving soldier for money.  Whether or not the legislation designed to address such a situation is misused is another matter.  
Don't be so sure that a serving soldiers won't get hounded there are plenty of tw@ts out there who won't be going anywhere who will rattle your family for money and try and shag your misses
They're welcome to s##g my misses and frankly i'd rather go overseas and get away from the life sucking bitch,and if thry can get money out of her good luck to them.

Mr Happy

There is legislation in place for serving (op's) soldiers to apply for a 'stay of repayment' on debts etc - it appears to be a bit like a bankruptcy order but lasts the duration of service + a bit of time to get you back on your feet.

In a general-war-euro-punch-up I don't suppose it'll matter, once we've taken Paris I shall just have my pick of the smoking ruins around Sacre Cour and become a war profiteer selling proper British Fish & Chips to the Americans.
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As for the government stay act, a lot of servicemen fell foul of this during the Korean war, great idea, but what happens if you die, probably uninsured due to it being a big war? Also beware tax liabilities if you own a company.

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