Who says the Krauts don't have a sense of humour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Giant swastika carved near Berlin airport

    BERLIN, March 8 (Reuters) - Passengers on planes descending into Berlin's Tegel airport were greeted by the sight of a huge swastika scraped out of snow on a frozen lake a few kilometres from the runway, police said on Tuesday.

    The Nazi symbol, which is banned in Germany, was visible from planes arriving from all over Europe for most of Monday morning before water police, having tested the ice thickness, could venture out to erase it.

    Alerted after a pilot told the airport control tower, police in a squad car sent to the lake failed to see anything from the shore. A police helicopter later spotted the 8 by 5 metre (26 by 16 foot) swastika and sent the water police team.

    The suspected neo-Nazi stunt recalls an affair five years ago when a 60-by-60 metre swastika, visible only from the air, was discovered in a forest 100 km north of Berlin.

    A devoted Hitler follower had planted russet-coloured larch trees in 1938 which formed a swastika for a few weeks each autumn and spring as the leaves changed colour.
  2. Poilitical campaigns via nature. What will we think of next? :D
  3. What about the blocks of trees laid out to spell TITO somewhere in FY. That was massive!
  4. Don't give TBliar any ideas now please :roll:
  5. Do you think we could find a sympathetic land owner who would let us prcatice some tree based artwork? :twisted:

  6. Tree-based artwork- let's think. How about some sturdy hemp rope, a tree and Bliar/TCH.

    Mind you I've probably just signed myself up for a control order now. Off to put tinfoil in beret so Chas Clarke's Thought Police don't get me...
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    reminds me of the following story:

    in place after 1945 but before repatriation there was a 'release programe for German prisoners' so that they could keep busy whilst waiting for repatriation to the now ex-fatherland.

    "He was very nice and respectful and worked in the garden planting flowers and so forth. We enjoyed tea together several times but we did get a surprise after he's left when the begonia's came out - he'd written HEIL HITLER in the middle of the flower bed!"

    Clearly this is nothing new for the dirty krauts.....
  8. There are still clearly visible signs of Nazi heraldry in Germany and Poland/former East Prussia today , if you apply the abstract mind.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I liked this because I've been working on Money Laundering and associated financial crimes for a while now - I've sent it to our steering committee:

    Berlin, June 1.

    The police chief of Vienna, SS Standartenfuerer Steinhaeusl, gave an interview to a representative of "National Socialist Law Mirror" about his most important duties. Among these were the fight against criminality that was allowed to flourish in the "Systemzeit" [the time before Austria was absorbed by Germany]. Currently, he explained, we have exceptionally many cases are being developed against Jews in which they will have to answer for tax evasion and fraud. Regarding foreign exchange crimes, it is noteworthy that Jews are responsible for 99.9% of the offenses.

    Origin: Dresdner Nachrichten
  10. Maybe it's 'snow circles' and someone is trying to communicate ;-)
  11. I recall a story some years ago where students at a university had used cress seeds to create a message on the hallowed central lawn.

    As the gardener and mower departed, the white stalks of the cress clearly spelled out "F*ck the Dean".

    When asked for his views on the subject, the Dean only said that he would have been worried if they had not spelled it correctly.

    Often fancied trying this - now where's the nearest lawn... :twisted:

  12. In front of RHQ perchance? :twisted:
  13. Certainly not! Sowing "ARRSE" on every RHQ lawn on National ARRSE Day would be a bad thing and frowned upon, I should think.

    And the technique certainly shouldn't be used for political purposes either - imagine the fuss if council owned verges suddenly came out with "Don't vote Labour".

    Disgraceful :D :twisted: :lol: :)
  14. RSI

    Evil , I like it. Now I just need a pair of Great Escape sand shifting pants filled with poppy seeds or the like, and I'm in business :twisted:
  15. Here is a nice lawn, just at the centre of the picture :D