Who says NuLiebore will lose?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Majority of opinions I see here look forward to an election "when we can get rid of this bstard Government". I thought I was in a minority to doubt this - Cameron has not exactly been a ball of fire in Opposition either in the attacks he has made and the way that he has made the few assaults there have been.
    Looks as if I may have reason to be a pessimist if this columnist has his ducks lined up?http://tinyurl.com/d5nq34
    Anyone offer me comfort?
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Without some drastic changes Labour havent a chance of re-election.

  3. Unemployment will be heading up to 3.5 million in mid 2010.

    Just in time for the election!*

    *Brown wont go earlier, he doesnt care about the Labour party or the country, only his pride.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I simply don't think enough of a recovery will take place, nor will they fix the mess that they have created by May/June next year for them to get re-elected.

    Assuming that the law is not changed, the term of the 2005 Parliament will end on or before 10 May 2010. The delay in the time of year from the date of the end of the previous Parliament to this date is due to administrative procedures after the gathering of the Parliament. The last conceivable day upon which the next General Election could take place is 3 June 2010.
  5. The next General Election is going to be the strangest since 1974.

    The next General Election, if there is not a big enough swing to the Tories, is going to lead to a Lab-Lib pact to prop up Brown with a semi-Liberal cabinet.

    WARNING: Do not waste your vote at the next election; tactically vote AGAINST the liberal elite (LabLib) and prop up your local Tory candidate, however unpalatable that may be. Because if you think Labour is bad, wait until the looney left (the REAL left) get their hands on the Mace. They would sooner abolish the Armed Forces altogether and spend it on Children's centres per street than pay for increased numbers of personnel.

    The Tories are 10% in the polls, because the media and electoral circumstances are stacked against them, this poll needs to be at least 18-20% to form a decent government. A 10% Labour lead is automatically a landslide for them (Labour won a remarkably decent majority in 2005 on 34% of the vote, the Tories need at least 44% for the same outcome).

    By going all eccentric and voting for someone daft, you risk up to 10 more years of the most repugnant, anti-everything Democratic Socialism Britain has ever endured.
  6. I think Gordon blew it whe he opted not to go for the snap election, his indescision then and since has made him a rwal lame duck PM. With the latest date for the next election baarely 14 months away there seems little chance for labour to get in place a winner in time to turn things arouns, se we are stuck with Gordon, who will probably hang on to his pay and perks till the very last minute.

    It really is a shame that his 'government of the talents' has turned out to be the government of the de4adbeats.
  7. For starters I don't think the country is going to improve much under the Tories.
    I live in hope, but reality is that if Brown gets re-elected then I'm packing my bags and leaving, if the Tories get in I will hang around for a little while and hope things improve.
    I don't believe any of the mainstream politicians have anything but their owm interests at heart. Nor do I believe any of them have the stomach to return this country to what it should be.

    Whichever party gets into power there is one thing assured, we taxpayers are going to be screwed over. I'm not sure I want to spend the next 20 years being bled dry to make up for their mistakes.
  8. Were not comparing apples with apples here, look at it another way, would the Oven Chip have beaten the Shrub
  9. Nope. Chuck Norris beat them both.
  10. I think Liabours 32% is a lot to do with turkeys not voting for Chrimbo. So many jobsworth rely on non productive government employment [both local and national eg., quangos etc.,] that a hugh Tory win is probably a pipe dream.
  11. Labour are just a bunch of turds trying to buy votes.

    They have failed and only caused biblical sized problems; at least when the conservatives get back in there will be no equality which is fair in democracy
  12. To be honest - any party must be crapping themselves at the prospect of trying to get us out of the mess we are in !!

    How many elections are we going to have in the next 10 years ??
  13. Labour will use every trick to get in at the next election.More immigrants let in and given citizenship,more public sector non-job expansion,more ballot-rigging,etc.

    If they suceed,they will probably try under some 'security alert'abolish the need to hold further elections.If the polls go badly for them before the next election is due,they may even try to delay it under the same wheeze.

    A significant proportion of the present Labour government abhor any democracy and will centralise power into their hands at every opporunity.Look at the efforts in the unelected Prime Minister appointing an unelected Business Secertary.This is the government that denies parliament a vote on issues affecting the country,the third runway at Heathrow being a recent prime example of this trend and the Lisbon Treaty being another example.
  14. Could be one of those elections nobody really wants to win. But the prospect of Italian style Governments forming and falling every other month is too dreadful to think about. However:

    Ipsos MORI : 52% Happy with Dave, 59% Unhappy with Gordon

    "There is no coming back from numbers like this whatever pundits say. Gordon is going to take the Labour Party down with him. The reality is that his personal negative rating is a deadweight on the party’s electoral prospects.

    Ipsos MORI March Political Monitor - Conservative lead Labour by 10 points despite economic optimism rising

    "Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s personal ratings have increased since last month: one in three (34%) are satisfied with the way he is doing his job as Prime Minister, and three in five (59%) are dissatisfied, giving a net score (the percentage satisfied minus the percentage dissatisfied) of -25.

    Public opinion on how David Cameron is doing his job as leader of the Conservative Party has shown a marked increase since February 2009: 52% are satisfied (up nine points from last month) and 30% dissatisfied (down four points), yielding a net figure of +22. This is a thirteen point ‘net’ increase (from last month’s net figure of +9) and matches the highest satisfaction rating we have ever recorded for David Cameron (in August 2008).

    Labour strategists and activists know they are “going down with Brown”…

  15. Thing is, we are so deep in the hole, that it will be a while before Browns scorched earth policies
    can be turned around....just like 1979 again, strangely enough!