Who Said She Couldnt Stoop Any Lower?

As long as the Tax Man reclaims her just & lawful debt to the crown she can do what she wants. I pay shed loads of Tax & NI to prop up lazy dole scrounging chavs and fund education for EU immigrants kids who have paid nothing. I have no problem seeing my £$£$ go on Defence, decent British Citizens using the NHS. However seeing Lithuaian's breeding like rabbits and clogging up maternity wards & funding extra classroom assistants to help Eastie Beastie children makes me a wee bit angry.

The ironic thing is that Katona is now typical of a sizeable proportion of Iceland customers. Overweight, Big Norks, No Money & uber fond of hydrogenated fat. I would imagine that she is now fond of their £2 Scottish Square Sausage......

I did try it once as a Hangover cure in between toast. Far better than gash Brufen from the Med Centre.




Markintime said:
It now seems La Katona is going to make some money by having a breast reduction on TV. Well that's her only redeeming feature down the swanny then.....

I'm f*cking gutted. I'm sure she'd make more money in porn. What a waste.

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