who said iraq wasn't.................

So what happened to the statement

....we will only be there, for as long as it is absolutely neccessary, not one second longer ?

Or the earlier statement "We will be here for a year at most"

I can't remember the other ones, it all just gets too bloody pantz. Either I've got older, and can see the lies more readily, or this is the most lying pack of twisters, it has ever been the British publics misfortune to be represented by.

Incidentally, any news on how many contracts British companies have been awarded in Iraq?

Surely it can't still be "None"
What makes me laugh/cry is that we are sending more British troops to Iraq so that the "tired" spams get to go home.

Now let's think about this for a second:

British Forces: Hugely overstretched, more so with Iraq, operational all over the world, TA deployed to keep regs somewhere near strength in most operational areas because of overstretch, no chance to get down time ourselves, 1/5th the size of the US army.

US Army: 5 times the size of BritFor, operational no-where in significant numbers anywhere except iraq, sufficient numbers to do their own roullement.

And yet WE, yes WE are providing more forces for Iraq to give the Spams a fukcing break when they have more than enough soldiers of their own sat round doing fukc all! Priceless Hoon, fukcing priceless you tw@t!
Nice of Mr.Straw to make that promise, one presumes, however, that he won't have to be there?

El Gringo

I truly hope this bunch of no good, two faced, incompetent f*&cking idiots, who have the gall to call themselves a government, lose the next election.  God knows, there enough reasons - try one of these Sir!

Rising taxes, failing public services, poorly performing pensions, business being buried under red tape, political correctness and a seemingly inexhaustable list of new public sector jobs.  

However, I fear the above may not be enough.  I hope and pray that it is not the loss of British soldiers lives in Iraq that brings down this shower of sh1t - the whole lot of those ******* in the Government aren't worth one of our lives!


whats going to happen when all the reserves have been used up and then we have a major crisis in UK i.e. bioterrorism or nuclear alert ?
all we will have left are cadet officers,ACF staff, retired soldiers shall we call them up ? will the yanks send their own soldiers over to UK to help us ?
well, we have the reserve forces CCRF ready to deal with all manner of disasters. because we're all trained up, the money is there and the administrative details and logistics have been sorted out and it is ready to work.

now in the real world.....................


What a crock of S***.  Hoon is absolutely full of it but to be fair he is not alone, all MPs exist for is the quick sound bite and looking good for camera's.  

Since Iraq, Ive been filling out penalty statements for the Congo, Telic 2/2.5/3, Afghanistan, and just about every other place that Judith Chalmers wouldnt want to visit.

When was the last time a significant MP [or even general] resigned over a point of principle related to how badly the forces are treated.   ??? These people frankly boil my p**s :mad:

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