Who said I was talking b*llocks? (Re: Bliar)

I posted some time ago my opinion that the slimy sh!te Bliar was angling to become President of Europe. I was practically laughed off the site and told I was talking the proverbial.

Now we have the man Sarkozy (chief frog), who must be mentally deficient, wandering around the European Soviet Union touting Bliar as the first PERMANENT President (making the frog-mouth so-called First Lady!!!!!).

I thought the ESU had enough cheats, liars, wofflers, third-rate intellectuals and con-artists on board already without having to recruit another has-been, washed-up and failed politician! Lucky Iceland, Norway and Switzerland - not in the ESU.
Stranger things have happened and he could join his mate Mandy :roll:

Lets face it those two and his Mrs know a gravy train when they see it and there is no bigger than EU so I'm sure they would be overjoyed :plotting:

Only fly in the ointment is his close links to US of A and the onion munchers in Paris are hardly going to stand for a EU president so close to the US

No he will no doubt live out his life bigging himself up over the other side of the pond, with the mrs in tow, :highfive: :roll:

Strangely like that other uk "brand" Beckham.......and they are welcome to them

Only there will be no calls for Bliar to return to the fold for his country

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