Who said Carlsberg don't do birthdays...........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. Well, they do. Mine..........yesterday.

    I had the pleasure of watching Wales beat Ireland.

    I had the immense pleasure of watching England lose to France.

    I had a great afternoon out at Franklins Gardens, watching the Saints beat the Chiefs. (The Saints will now be getting half their squad back from Englands return home from the world-cup)

    Had a great evening on the pop with family and friends and ended up nailing one of my sisters mates.

    I've just got home, squaring my admin away, take-away on order, shower and bed on the cards.

    I'm spent.

    Has anyone else recently had a day like this? Where everything just seems to fall into place..........
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  2. Yes, but are you truly fulfilled?

    Cunt!! :)
  3. What was HIS name
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  4. I actually pulled a bird this time round!
  5. Carlsberg don't do smug cunts...

    ...But if they did - It would be you yer stinking cave dwelling tosser! Happy birthday you wanker and hope the postman loses your watch!

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  6. Oh, yes. Every day.

    Admittedly, the place is 'right down the shitter' but the principle's sound.
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  7. boyo pen-blwydd hapus!
  8. Good for you fella. Happy Birthday. :)
  9. Why does Sluggy get that way? It really is a crying shame.

  10. Every other country of the United Kingdom loves to see England lose. You won't laugh if we took your subsidies away. England feeds the rest of the United Kingdom.

    I take pride in others having a go at my country because it shows that whilst they are having a go at us we are still world leaders in a lot of industry but you just don't hear about it while they continue to hand the begging bowl over to pay their benefits.
  11. Yeh, Happy Birthday Smudge67er.

    From an old git who has forgotten what a good time is.

    But looking forward to France getting their arses kicked next week end. Bastard French.........
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  12. i wish carlsberg did mondays............i so dont want to go in tomoz!!!!