Who#s off to watch the footie on tuesday then!!

Anyone got tickets for the England game on tuesday?? I have, ya boo sucks to those of you who didnt get any...i'll let you know who won, oh, but of course you all have that modern invention 'TV' but i will be there, flying the flag!!
well done for getting a ticket,

have been trying for over a year to get one to any england game, but no luck. have however been to all the Fan zone areas for the first 2 games and they well make up for it. the Frankfurt one especially.

i am surprised that so few seem to go from germany, not going to be any closer for a long time to come, so get get your St Georges out and wave the flag for EN-GER-LAND in Koln.

see you all in Berlin on the 09th July
I'll be there. Leaving for Koln at about midday tomorrow. Viel trinken und viel spass mit der Schwedisch maedchen !! (Fat Fcuking chance)
Lets change this to 'whos off to see the footie on sunday'
Poor game on tuesday,good result 2-2, top of the group.
See all you mad cats at the game.
Great day in Koln. Bloody hot mind. Won't be there Sun as I am now in Assen and back on the ferry Sun.
Im flying back to germany sunday...guess what fcuking time my flight is?? Only the same time england kick off!! W@nkstains!
was in the fanzone over the rhine and it was tops!, cross of st george was everywhere, singing many a rendition of " 10 german bombers" " lets all do the crouchy" throat was sore next morning would love to go on sunday but cannot get day off to recover on monday
nice touch at the bahnhof when we all got off the train, loads of police etc standing around looking for trouble. watched a load of fans walking past wearing ww2 style helmets, would love to have had one myself. anyone know where you get them??
And lets not forget a superb rendition of, 'I'd rather be a cabbage than a Swede'
Here's to sunday, and i reckon it will be hard fought.

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