Who remembers the Dummy from Nicosia 82 - 87?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rod924, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Kit Reviewer

    Was telling some of the lads about my first observation of the infamous Ms Dummy and her place of work, which was, not surprisingly a whore house. The whores were all, all being a total of 4, over 50 with the exception of the dummy.

    It never ceased to amaze me what charlie + summer hours could do to men and their standards - I hasten to add, I never shagged the Dummy or any of the old fcukers in that place. Anyway, the puropse of this thread was to jog some memories, Andy, and see if any of you folk came, literally or otherwise, across the big titted Dummy?
  2. She was still to be found in a bar on Regina Street at the beginning of 92.....

    and before you ask...no I didnt
  3. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Kit Reviewer

    I will be fcuked if there are not more than 1 other reading this site who does not remember her! Or, is it more to do with bringing back too many painful memories? :oops:

    6 months prior to deployment, the 'sweats' (FYI MDN - people with more than 1000 posts :lol: ) started to talk about a mysterious character called 'Dummy'. Every time I tried to seek an answer to my straight forward question of "who is this fcuking Dummy"? I was given the standard reply, "you'll see" :wink:

    So, in October we arrive at our new home in Nicosia, and after our acclimatization period of 3 hours, we head off to down town Nicosia. After, of course, getting royally tanked up on Charlie from the Bondu Bar. My companions are 5, of which, all have been here before and know the Bobby Moore.

    Eventually, we reach Regina Street, and after pissing my pants at the street name sounding very much like that of a woman’s front bottom, I did say we were arrse holed, we entered a bar that was all a bit odd! 8O

    Other than us, there were only 3 old hags, and I mean fcuking exports from Bournemouth, which all seemed a bit strange to me. Anyway, at 19, I was surprised to be approached by this dark haired lady, who at a guess was 58, who asked me if I would like to buy her a drink? Fcuk off was my retort! There is something odd going on here!

    By now, it is starting to click that this is no ordinary 'pub' 8O . No, in the words of that tw8t Rolf "can you see what it is yet"? Yes, it was a brothel and I had never been in one of these. Here we are in tourist land, ok, ok, I did not know at that time all the Totty was on the coast, and here we are, in a fcuking residential home for ex prossies!

    But just then, in walks this young, and I mean fcuking young by the standards of her peers, long haired vision sporting a rather impressive set of norks with the added bonus of scammel wheel nuts for nipples. She was not pretty, more the type that you would shag doggy or with an Abbi Titmus face mask! This, my mate Andy informed me, was the Dummy!! 8O

    Having now made visual with this legend, my quest to ascertain the origins of her name (I have already stated I was quite naive earlier in this post) had not been accomplished, as yet. But the next events would answer this, once and for all!

    TBC - if you want me to, if not makes any odds as I know why and I am off to play golf now
  4. I think this bar might look familiar, it is the native home of the so-called Nicosia Deaf/Dumb lass. Always a laugh when you put 1 song on the jukebox, danced for it sat down, then watch her continue to dance for a further ten minutes to no music and definetely the wrong rythm.

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  5. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Kit Reviewer

    ExT, you've bonked her good style have'nt you? Don't deny it, the jukebox trick gave it away! Top marks for the pic too by the way :D
  6. Didn't she work in a bar called the Black Cat? I remember walking in and seeing a Canadian getting blown by her. Also remember that you could stand by the dukebox and pretend to put money in, select songs and than dance to the non-existent music, she would come over and dance along mllaaaarring and honking revelling in the happy laughing faces of the squaddies taking the piss...one of the funniest disabled baiting sessions I have ever seen!
  7. It's definetely the bar pictured. My parents visited me in Cyprus back last year, so me and my dad went up to Nicosia for a beer.
    He served as UN permenant staff in 84 and remembers the bar and the lass vividly.
  8. God this has bought back memories.......................
  9. Crikey, and me.

    I wonder if it's the same thing we called "The Mute"?

    (UN tour 1988 Lifeguards FSC Squadron)
  10. and UN tour 1988 4th/7th
  11. Long haired vision? I remember her as being about 4ft tall with short ginger hair, I was also under the impression that her name was 'Dum-Dum'. It's got to be the same person, right?
  12. Dee Dee. How strange, I was only talking about this weirdo on the brothel thread the other day. Say here name and she shall appear........fuck knows how, she could hear fuck all.

    I can't remember which bar she was in but it was Nicosia in 90-91. The bar was a dingy affair with a juke box straight out of the 50's. Dee Dee had the unique ability of feeling the bass through the ground and magically moving to the beat whilst mouthing the words..............................Like fuck she did. I used to piss myself when people got her to dance to no music (I was only young). How the fuck she managed to be out of time to imaginary music is beyond me but she had a lovely singing voice:
    "Gner daat fffffffffeh idididi oooooooh'.............Beautiful.
  13. Her name was Tallula (not sure about the spelling) and she wasn't dumb. She was profoundly deaf from birth and therefore never learned how to talk. She was married and had a kid to a Signaller (if I root around in old notebooks, I could probably dig out his name) who dumped her when he was transferred back to UK - it must have been a moonlight flit because he left half of his kit. I believe her parents disowned her for marrying a British squaddie so, having no means of support, she went on the game. Unlike most other prostitutes, she didn't have a fixed price, but would only ask for her rent (paid directly to the landlord) and a couple of quid for some food.

    Conversation was difficult, but if you persisted you'd find that she was quite a nice lass trapped by circumstance.

    And no, I didn't. But it was close and involved a long walk back to camp with insufficient time to get to bed.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    She was called Murmur by 88.
  15. Having looked at the picture of the bar, (different name then but not the Black Cat, there was one of them in Larnaca) but I'm sure I was there the night a riot was started by some CanCon and their MPs came down and ended up getting thrown through the plate glass windows. What a wheeze. Dum-Dum wasn't there but her mum probably was (1974).