Who remembers Rainbow?


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I always wanted know if Jane got made airtight by Rod and Freddie. :mrgreen:
Its on Nick junior every night, Baby Taffridge wont go to bed till its finished. I must admit I quite enjoy it, I would especially like to knock Jaynes fillings out out of Rod Jayne and Freddie. I do remember having a few "Get better" w@nks during my skivey sicky days off school in the 80's

For feck sake Mr Creosote beat me, well at least I wasnt the only one with a crusty sock due to Jayne
The question we should be asking is;
Was Jane involved in a perverse love triangle with Rod and Freddie?

Beaten to it by Mr Creosote


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:( I dread to think of what the youtube link to The Magic Roundabout and Jackanory will be
I'd have dry bummed George.

No, I used to love Rainbow when I was a sprog. Made me the man I am today!
Oh yes.

But why did bungle walk around naked all day and put clothes on to go to bed?

Geoffrey now drives a taxi (in Hull i think)
dingerr said:
But why did bungle walk around naked all day and put clothes on to go to bed?
Personally I think he was in 3 Para at some point.
Was Zippy`s trademark mouth a form of Gimpery, was he really Georges Biatch?
How much further does this depravity, marketed as innocent childrens entertainment go?


George, Bungle and Zippy were sold!

Selling off your childhood

So really you could have bought Bungles arse, but not Jaynes... although now no doubt she is getting short of cash....
Rainbow was one f**ked up show. When you watch it now you realise.
It had a bright pig hippo called George speaking in a mincy voice. Zippy had a gimp zip over his mouth, which Jeffrey loved to play with. As for Jeffrey, what a dirty old pedo he was. Hanging round a house with 3 fluffy animals all day singing songs!!!
Rod, Jane and Freddie were all f**king each other and Bungle was everybodies big bear man bitch!!

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