Who remembers Rainbow?

I always wanted know if Jane got made airtight by Rod and Freddie. :mrgreen:
Its on Nick junior every night, Baby Taffridge wont go to bed till its finished. I must admit I quite enjoy it, I would especially like to knock Jaynes fillings out out of Rod Jayne and Freddie. I do remember having a few "Get better" w@nks during my skivey sicky days off school in the 80's

For feck sake Mr Creosote beat me, well at least I wasnt the only one with a crusty sock due to Jayne
The question we should be asking is;
Was Jane involved in a perverse love triangle with Rod and Freddie?

Beaten to it by Mr Creosote
:( I dread to think of what the youtube link to The Magic Roundabout and Jackanory will be
I'd have dry bummed George.

No, I used to love Rainbow when I was a sprog. Made me the man I am today!
Oh yes.

But why did bungle walk around naked all day and put clothes on to go to bed?

Geoffrey now drives a taxi (in Hull i think)
Was Zippy`s trademark mouth a form of Gimpery, was he really Georges Biatch?
How much further does this depravity, marketed as innocent childrens entertainment go?
Rainbow was one f**ked up show. When you watch it now you realise.
It had a bright pig hippo called George speaking in a mincy voice. Zippy had a gimp zip over his mouth, which Jeffrey loved to play with. As for Jeffrey, what a dirty old pedo he was. Hanging round a house with 3 fluffy animals all day singing songs!!!
Rod, Jane and Freddie were all f**king each other and Bungle was everybodies big bear man bitch!!

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