Who recalls The Sin Bin in Medicine Hat?? I'm writing a book - I need stories on it!!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by saskgirl, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. The Sin Bin In Medicine Hat was a unique bar where squaddies and the locals used to hang out at. It was an institution for decades. Someone told me he remembered squaddies hanging out there back in the 70s. The Sin Bin has been closed for a few yrs now. I used to hang out there with my friends when I was at college. It was alot of fun: mad soldiers trying to pick up any girl who could talk and walk at the same time, great music, cheap beer - it was all a scream! I recall a restaurant downstairs at the Bin and having breakfast at 3 am. There was also a strip bar downstairs.

    I am researching the Sin Bin and am wanting to acquire stories from anyone who's experienced it:

    Anyone out there, can you please tell me your stories about the Sin Bin back in its hey day?? Thank you very much!! Saskgirl /images/smilies/icon_smile.gif
  2. You are Becky Bondage, and I claim my five pounds.
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  3. Probably not much info to be gleaned here, most of us where so smashed, we don't recall, and the rest are probably too ashamed, given some of the gopping munters they pulled.
    By they way, do you have any piccies with your tits out? I might recognize you.
  4. Are you Judy Syph?
  5. Is your clunge broken now?
  6. Yes I do I was over there around 02 on med man 3, I will have to think about stories though as it was a long time ago and I was very smashed.

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  7. The $5 sisters bring back some fond memories.:)
  8. I know the bloke who nearly married her :), thankfully she got deported from the UK before he did.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Went a few times in 1994. Can't remember very much at all.

    Except maybe that really funny thing lads do heating up coins with a lighter before throwing them at the girls.
  10. All you need to know, is that it was a vile pit of iniquity, the females (I use that term loosely) frequenting the Bin were either A) a bunch of ugly spunk gargling hipposluts, or B) A bunch of chancers trying to land a squaddie to take them away from the shithole nowhere ville that is Medicine Hat.

    Good night on the piss though!
  11. In no way was it unique, every garrison has one.
  12. I remember vividly going to Cheetah's (sp?) with my Troop and spying the Colonel, Regt 2i/c (LE) and the Padre propping up the bar & enjoying the show...
  13. One of the guys from our battle group married one of the strippers from there, and one of the guardsmen got hospitalised by 2 Para for trying to help one of their blokes who had taken a beating. Side note the 2 Para CO was as mad as a box of fish and went round shooting gophers with a 9mm
  14. Yep, done the 'Bin in the late seventies on MedMan. Bagged a couple Saskatchewan nurses there and went home to the Motel with 'em. My mucka and I that was, should be pointed out. At the time there was also some place called the Pink Lantern, kind of all night bar and Cafe.

    I remember us in 1978 thumbing our way down to the "Hat" from Crowfoot, with ten dollars between us. Went back with the Air Corps in 1990/91. Not nearly so much fun then.
  15. Now that brought back memories was also there 78 with the left flank Jock Guards Battle Group forgot all about Pink lantern until you mentioned it.