who really won the peace

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by evil belly, May 26, 2012.

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  1. me and the lads were out for a few pints tonight
    and the conversation turned around to who was the real victor of the second world war
    i maintained that europe is faced with a huge shite sandwich that each country has to
    eat a lump out of it
    now the germans seem to be the driving force in making us errrant spendthrift naughty boys
    open wide and bite deep
    and live within our means...the bastards..
    funny how a country, that within a human lifetime was a smouldering pile of rubble
    is now the driving force steering the economic direction of 24 other nations
    who was it said that to control a country you only have to hold the purse strings
    has the master race achieved with its cheque book
    what it couldnt do with its heer?
  2. I blame Margaret Thatcher for stealing the milk from children's mouths.
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  3. laughing
    ya reckon maggie is a role model for ms merkle
  4. I reckon you may be on to somezing. Zur Iron Bundeskkanzler, nicht warre?
  5. I don't think that I could handle a night out with you and 'the wild bunch'. You're right out there on the edge.
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  6. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Now Germany has rebuilt its economy (and its armed forces) maybe it could invade Poland? That would give Germany a lot of living room to expand its industry...

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  7. You know what we really need is a man who can take charge and make this country as great as it once used to be. To rebuild our armed forces, kickstart our industry and take back and expand the commonwealth.

    Kind of like Hitler, only without the moustache.

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  8. In my line of work, the biggest risk indicator is previous history. So let's look at this in not so much depth as a shallow peak.
    1914-18 Europe, Germany launches attack following diplomatic expansion
    1939-45 ditto.
    2011-12 germany expands its diplomatic authority over a small nation states that eats kebabs for breakfast, dinner and tea.
    can you see where I'm going with this?
  9. I can tell you who lost, Britain, it went in to free Poland it came out STILL ocupied by Russia, 300,000 dead, bankrupt, it's global standing userpt by America, it's Empire lost, manufacturing on it's arse......need I go on.
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  10. America won the peace, and ze Germans won all the best deck chairs.
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  11. dunno biccy
    what do you and your muckers get up to
    do ya get all done up in your jacamo duds
    and head down the turd and spoon
    tellus for fucks sake...
  12. I have no room to talk , remember a conversation on a Saturday night not so long ago and the place is filled with decent fanny and me and another ex royal were talking about what would be our shore bombardment of choice ( Iowa class Yank Battleship for those interested, anyone ?) I have been a closet anorak for years if i'm honest .

    Back on topic, from rubble to the rulers of Europe. For some reason the Hun were given squillions (10 kagillions) of finance and assistance to get their economy back on its feet as we are sticklers for fair play , while our economy was, to quote Lord Rothschild," In the ******* khazi for years" , probably because we were paying off the bloody yanks until recently.

    Others will have a more technical explanation but i think that covers it ?
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  13. Germans have learned the hard way about where failure to cooperate, compete and invest in the nation's future (not just financially, either) gets you. We're in the process or having that lesson taught to us.

    Whether we'll learn from it is anyone's bet.
  14. Are you hanging out your washing on the siegfried line?
  15. Why does Frau Merkle always look as though she is wearing uniform. Hmmmmm.