Who really is the best of the best?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by emptyeye, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Just to set a seed here, who really is the best? how can we find out?

    We have a competition of course, why is there not a tri-service military skills competition on tv?

    We even have bloody hairdressers on reality TV now, so, why dont we have an action packed, gung ho, going for it, team event between the 3 services?

    Why not make the Cambrian March open to more armies and troops and get it on the TV?

    Its going on in other countries..look here: ClickyDefence Talk

    All we need, is a wide open space with water and obstacles, 10k minimum and practical stand (recgonition for example)
    A Range (falling plate style)
    An objective to be attacked

    Of course cost and H&SW and location are all factors, but I would be bloody good watching, great for recruiting, and if its a knock out type of competition, regiment pride is at stake too

    Maybe even AARSE could be the main sponsor :roll: There must be someone out there who knows a guy who knows a guy in TV land...

    Whats the general view?
  2. Good idea and there used to be a similar prog on telly a few years ago. 'Combat' or somesuch thing.


    1. Who would do it? Everyone is on ops.
    2. Civpop want to see celebs.
    3. Luvvies in TV land have less connection with the mil than the govenment.
    4. Who would pay for it? Production companies are lazy and will only fork out on 'proven' easy pulp such as Celeb Get Me Come Iceskating Brother Dancing.
  3. 1. Those training for ops are good candidates (its a good training tool)
    2. Make the celebs be the final objective, recce, assault and rescue some big tited celeb
    3 Get old Ross Kemp or someone of that ilk to host it, they will bring in money
    4. Teams to get sponsorship from 'those who support the forces' companies

    I know its easy to say but not imposible to organise
  4. Are you suggesting we 'privatise' OPTAG?? (Good idea actually. It'll probably happen soon anyway :roll: )

    If the final objective was pushing a bayonet through Bonnie Langfords neck then it'll be a sure fire winner.

    Good idea re Kemp. Civpop thing he is CDS at the moment.

    I do agree its a good idea and an ideal opportunity to 'market' the Armed Forces at a time when we are looked at in a reletively good light. It would be great for someone up high in the PR/Recruiting side of MoD to persue something like this. Certainly be cheaper than normal advertising and would be more productive too.
  5. Commando- On The Front Line apparently pulled a decent audience and attracted more people to the booties. That kind of thing across all three services would certainly be good.
  6. Didnt the spams do something along those lines?
    They had their many 'spec ops' folks like SEALS, Delta etc etc.
    They had two teams in each episode that had to do various tasks.
    The teams were in league tables and the series went on until an overall winner was found. Similar to how the world cup works.
    If I remember rightly they even had SWAT and some other random things thrown in for good measure.
    Although septic and somewhat overly dramatised it was relatively entertaining and apparantly quite popular in the US.
  7. Don't forget you'll need a 'one off' show with celebs (which will end up a yearly thing) and an easy to rig telephone vote (maybe the money raised could pay for the kit we need?)
  8. Here is the sort of thing I would like to see

    Start with 200 points gain points for timed events

    3 teams of 8, Full kit, (weighed)

    Heli insert onto LZ on dartmoor/brecon etc

    (without gps) Timed resection to find current location

    Weapon choice:3 tents with 8 different types of weapon in each, section commander to choose A,B or C (choices are various but it might be some old bolt action crap or black powder to top of the range current weapons all capable of firing live)

    10k tab to FRV (checkpointed of course and timed)

    Recce enemy location (being spotted will drop points) TV special effects boys to do something here

    Assault and rescue (injured) hostage adminster first aid

    5km tab to med station with hostage (timed)

    200m falling plate/Tiles type shoot using the weapons chosen at the start

  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There was a skills prog in 89, Combat or some other shoite name with Emmylin Hughes as a presenter, I was dissapointed then to see split arrssers on each team as it was obvious then they wouldnt deploy!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    :p :p :D
  11. Just get Ant and Dec to host it, and some dumb cnut is bound to watch!
  12. Already happened flash! The OPTAG camp at Lydd was taken over by a civi company made up of ex-Gurkhas. We were one of the last, if not the last, army units to act as the enemy. I believe all the trg staff are still mil though.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't the Yank SF aned Ridley Scott already make this one
    The rescuing Jessica Lynch or some shoit (bemused Iraqi doctors standing round asking why the were shooting)

    Although the proper answer was Iceman and slider
    Maverick lost points for losing his rear (que 3 para mortars jokes) :D
  14. The public can have their cheap entertainment while soldiers die out in theatre. Proud to be British....SNIFF. </sarcasm>