Who puts name tags in their teenage daughters knickers?

Not only did the mother of the girl 'allegdly' fiddled with by her tennis coach not a. shop her straight in to Plod, b. batter her to death with sprogs racket but c. put name tags in her daughter's knickers!

Oh these crazy middle classes!

From the Times Online:

A mother who discovered her 13-year-old daughter in bed with her female tennis coach said today that she did not contact the police for nine months because the girl was in such a fragile state.

The woman, who cannot be identified, told the court that she had returned early from a party in October 2005 to find her daughter and the former tennis professional Claire Lyte, 29, performing sex acts on each other.
The alleged victim’s mother said she began screaming “paedophile” at the tennis coach.

She told Liverpool Crown Court: “I went into the sitting room and noticed there was a newspaper on the table which I don’t buy. I then went upstairs and saw two pairs of tennis shoes outside my daughter’s bedroom.
“I walked into the room and saw my daughter and Claire naked on the bed.

“I was in complete shock and I screamed and they became aware that I was there. My daughter jumped up and ran off and Claire pulled the bed sheet over her head.

“I was screaming at Claire, ‘Get out, what have you done, what have you done to my child, you are nothing but a paedophile’. I kept asking why. I couldn’t believe what I had seen.”

The court has heard previously that it was nine months after the initial incident that the teenager’s mother contacted the police.
Ms Lyte, of Solihull, West Midlands, who was at the time of the allegations a coach at the Lawn Tennis Association Academy, denies five charges of sexual activity with a child.

Her defence claims that the girl’s mother fabricated the allegations because her daughter was not going to pursue a professional tennis career.

When asked this today the woman said: “Absolutely not. To put my daughter through all this? No mother on earth would do that.”
She told the court that a couple of days after the incident she took her daughter back to the Loughborough academy where she trained.
She said: “Claire said she would distance herself from my daughter and the coaching would be given to somebody else. My daughter was in such a fragile state and I felt I was losing her.

“Leading up to this, she had become more and more distant, reclusive and unlike herself. I didn’t know what else to do.”
She later met Ms Lyte’s father, Colin, who allegedly told her that he was “absolutely devastated” and that what she witnessed must be “killing her”.

She told the court: “He gave me assurances; he said it had never happened before and Claire was a good girl.”

She added that Mr Lyte had told that her Ms Lyte had already been given an official warning from the LTA about her behaviour towards the girl, stemming from an incident when the two had shared a toilet cubicle.
During the subsequent months, the mother admitted, she allowed her daughter to stay with the Lytes over night and allowed Ms Lyte to visit her home and go shopping with the girl.

She said: “I was trying to put some trust back into the relationship with my daughter. Colin said nothing would happened and it would be fine. My daughter said, ‘You must trust me’ and I was trying to build that trust.”
In August last year, the woman said, she went to meet her daughter at Knutsford motorway services, where she was being dropped off from an LTA tournament in Scotland. As the girl got off the min-bus, Lyte emerged wearing her daughters’ jumper and pyjama shorts, the mother said.
She said: “A few girls got off the bus and then Claire, who was wearing my daughter’s clothes. My stomach turned. Claire said to me my daughter played poorly and she wasn’t going to let my daughter go to the next tournament.

“Claire’s attitude was horrible, she was smirking at me. She was dismissive of me. I knew then I had to go to the police.”
The mother had waited until her daughter went abroad on a holiday with relatives before she notified police. When the girl found, out on her return home, the mother said, she climbed on to the roof of their home and threatened to commit suicide.

Two days later Ms Lyte’s home was searched by police who recovered the pink jumper that Ms Lyte had been wearing at Knutsford, a Helly Hanson jacket that the mother said belonged to the teenager and a pair of shoes.
The jury was also shown a pair of pink knickers, also seized at Ms Lyte’s home, which had the teenager’s name tag in them.


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I was going to start on about putting something in a teenagers knickers
But the lezzer tennis coach beat me to it :)
I put them in, but only so I know who they belong to when I lift them from the washing basket for a sniff ;)


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I liied the report that the coach had been giving oral sex to the daughter for 14 months. Must need ice to cool her tongue down now.
The only tags I ever saw in teenage girls knickers said 'Next'. And it was an instruction, not a brand name.

Someone else can re-hash the C&A joke - Iv'e done with corn for the moment.
Hmm, teenage girl? Lesbian tennis coach? Isn't it? Hmmm? Marvellous. A missed YouTube opportunity if ever there was one. I'm now off to crack one out!
I leave them in there (my name, obviously). It's my calling card.
SeanGoesPop said:
Lesbians, by law, are allowed to have sex at any age, as long as they both consent. How is this pheodphillia? ;)
I think you are seriously misinformed as to the legality of this.

BTW what is pheodphilla?

Is it some sort of cream cheese?
I smell Bullshit in this trial, sounds like a Compensation scam to me.
I just like the mum in this story.

"I never called the police for 9 months because I though it would hamper her future in tennis. So she couldn't get loads of cash and buy me a big house. Oh, no I mean we was worried about tellin' no-one."

Mother of the year award candidate I think.
Tartan_Terrier said:
SeanGoesPop said:
Lesbians, by law, are allowed to have sex at any age, as long as they both consent. How is this pheodphillia? ;)
I think you are seriously misinformed as to the legality of this.
What is the law for rug-divers, and is it gender neutral? I know the Victorians pretended lesbianism didn't exist, and as much British morality law is based on Victorian values it wouldn't surprise me if button-lickers still had a clear run. But, if that's the case, what's the tennis coach charged with? Theft of knickers?

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