Who pulled the Space Cadets Thread and why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brockle, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. What's going on? Is it just hiding? This is the Naafi Bar and we named the site as B e n t w a t e r s. So what - any fool can find the place on Google.

    Is this a sell-out? Why was the thread pulled? I think we should be told
  2. It could be that the Interglactic organisation of Space Cadets lodged a complaint........

    or it was moved to it's place of honour in 'The ARRSE Hole'
  3. or the fact it was boring as fcuk and moved to arrsehole
  4. No. From the outset the server wouldn't accept B e n t w a t e r s. This was pre-emptive. Why? What do we owe them? If their hoax was so bloody good as opposed to picking the most pathologically inept and badly adjusted set of wannabe nothings then they'd have gone to a bit more effort than picking a chunk of the UK where they are going to see plenty of aviation that patently isn't Russian etc.
  5. Erm, the server wouldn't accept it because: B e n t w a t e r s! The swear filter got you, now kindly remove your foil-hat! :wink:
  6. that, and it was, as alluded to earlier by Canteen Cowboy, boring as fcuk.

    Rather than have so many posts banging on about why it wouldnt accept a word why not some posts on what happened on it?
  7. cos it was boring as fcuk?

    just a thought.......

  8. shes back!!! :D
  9. Actually i thought it was quite good.

    There are people out there that are that numb and this program is doing a service to us in Outing them!

    Must have cost them a fortune to do though as they seem to have gone the whole hog!!

    Pity the poor pilot who flew them to "Russa" when in fact he was doing little more than circle the north sea!

    I hope they give them russian beatings to keep them in line.

    I suppose the big question is, if you really put yourself in that scenario and didn't have a clue it was hoax, would you be taken in? And before you scream no, think about what they are put through - a long flight, met my russians in uniform, a base which they are not allowed out of which looks and sounds russian! What would you think?

    I'd bet a percentage of you out there would be taken in for the intial scam, but then wise up to it after about a day!

  10. Especially as when they "go into space" they are going to be told that they're not far enough away from the Earth to be weightless. It's the show's way of getting around making them weightless :lol:
  11. I'm just hoping that when they're in the 'shuttle' and 'in space' that one of the 'vicitms' will trip and put his hand through the wall (it is only wood). Hopefully they'll all start screaming about being sucked out into space.

  12. From what I can gather, I don't think they are actually going to be launched.

  13. The weightless problem has been overcome - there was a documentary/reality show called star trek and you didn't see them floating off the bridge in that.

    Didn't see the whole thing, but were there any clingons in it ?
  14. We'll just have to wait until one of them licks a window and realises its made of perspex.

    ..maybe they could burn up on re-entry...now that would be reality TV worth watching.
  15. Just glad that the gay OTT freak who got his 15 seconds of fame during the bridge jump sequence didn't make it to the final few. Can you imagine being stuck in a cramped space shuttle mock-up with him for 5 days!!.