Who provides the best payg phone service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DieHard, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. I have bought my wife a new I phone for Christmas and after looking at all the networks I can't really see one that stands out above all the others for pay as you go.
    I use t mobile on contract but I'm not convinced on there non contract services.
    Does anyone have a provider that really is good?

  2. until yesterday i would have agreed !! its a cheap and viable solution but they do have problems on a regular basis- my girls are again without their phone due to GOODYBAG INCONSISTANCIES -thats Giffgaff speak for weve fucked up again and taken your money but provided nothing !!
  3. ASDA Mobile,cheap,good coverage (Piggybacks Vodaphone network).

    I take mine to France now,I have a 3G Smartphone (for internet access),that kept dropping out where I was,got out my ASDA PAYG,held a strong signal for the whole time I was there,end of my 3G contract,my phone is going back! ;-)
  4. Oh bugger, they looked so good and I thought as they run on the O2 network, I thought they would be good. Feck
  5. I never had a problem on giffgaff. Only reason Im not with them anymore is because I went on to a contract with 3. The one plan with all you can eat data and tethering and more minutes and texts than I could ever use. 29 quid a month with galaxy s2.
  6. I use O2. because it has excellent customer service and I get a discount on broadband.
  7. Have been with Tesco Mobile for a few years and am very pleased with the service, it uses the O2 network like Giff Gaff.

  8. ya on the surface they are good but to make my point my girls have still not got their goodybags today-and to be told by one of their agents that it might be up to 5 days is taking the piss big style
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Depends on what your looking for? Does she want data? Does she use a lot of texts? Or calls? Does she wants ability to upgrade phone? How much does she currently spend a month? If any
  10. The old brick she uses at the moment has no picture or internet, and she spends about £5 a month.
    Now with the new phone I know she will be making the most of the I player services and Facebook, twatter apps.
    Call wise she only tends to call and the kids and to find out why its taking me 2 hours to get a loaf of bread.
    She text her mates about 5 times a day.
    All the deals try to ram thousands of text and hundreds of minutes at you.
    I was going to get her on the 3 network but then a couple of people told me they were shit. I also told her to try t mobile who I have been with for 10 years but since merging with orange sneaky add ons have been appearing on my bill.
    So what's needed is good cheap internet, less than 90minutes talktime and about 200 text. All the phone shops just try and make a bigger profit instead of pleasing the customers, bit silly really because myself and 5 kids are all replacing phones after Christmas.
    Thanks for the tips I will check them all out.
  11. I use Orange (or EE as they are now) for my phone, and have never had an issue, good service, I bartered for the contract I wanted (I threatened to go elsewhere with my service, so they gave me the phone I wanted with the contract I wanted!) and I get a little discount for being Forces (they don't advertise that one!!).
    However I bought a miniSIM for my iPad from '3', they gave the cheapest offer around (£21 for 3 months with 1GB download a month), and they have the best coverage across the UK.
  12. I recommend 3 I used them for the past 2 years, PAYG £10 per month, but convert it to an add on (100Mins, 3000 texts (UK only) and 500Mb data) additionally for each £10 top up you get 150Mb data allowance, so for £10 you actually get 650Mb data included. This was so good I eventually went to a contract with 500 Mins, 3000 texts and unlimited data.

    I run a Samsung tablet on a 3PAYG plan of £5 per month, which buys 500Mb data, without the texts and phone function.
  13. The BIG issue I had with 3 was post-sales support. You can (could?) only top up at 3 Stores and not at the corner shop, there was no facility to pay through ATM's like all the other vendors, and their Customer Services was appalling. The slight saving on calls was more than negated by the above, and the call drop-rate and cell availability was dire. I would not touch them with a barge-pole.