Who proof read MK2?

Has anyone else on here been wading through the MK2 package before heading off to ICSC in Sep and noticed that there are a huge number of errors in it, mostly related to the test yourself activities?

Classic examples included:

Putting in all the correct answers, being told you were wrong and the DS solution being exactly the same as your answers.

Answers that totally contradict the info in the previous topic

A question where 4 answers were required but only three boxes were avaiable

Activities that you are supposed to complete half way through a page but when completed take you automatically to the next page.

the further into it the worse they get, I have now got as far as Part C and nearly every lesson has at least one error.

If I handed in work this shoddy it would be thrown back at me by my boss, red penned to death and I would get an adverse comment on my OJAR.

So if anyone on this site is responsible for MK2 or knows who is I suggest you have a good look at it and get an amendment out quickly.
Did you also find it very tricky to navigate around with a pi55-poor guide to help you?

Actually getting into the lesson was tricky enough and the tets are as you say - pants.

It is however slightly alarming that the pass mark in the tests is 100% - could make the course a bit tricky!!
Forget about proof reading it... More to the point - which genius designed it not to work on my office workstation? Picture the scene - in my last couple of weeks before hopping off to the Med for well earned pre-ICSC R&R; boss away - perfect opportunity to avoid evening work and to look busy in the office. D'oh! Instead I am now in the enviable position of having to explain to my 2RO that I need to, ahem, 'work from home'. Try saying that without looking like you're going to be watching UK Style with a box of Kleenex. D'oh, D'oh.......

Missed a trick though - could have sent in a hyperlink to my essay on t'internet and stunned them with my embracing of Network Enabled Capability. Long live the paperless office...
C_M, why will your work system not let you run MK2?

Mine seems to be fine.
Baghdad-Brit said:
C_M, why will your work system not let you run MK2?

Mine seems to be fine.
B-B. Maybe you use different systems.

You sound like just the kind of technically excellent officer who will excel on this course. See you there.
Baghdad-Brit said:
C_M, why will your work system not let you run MK2?

Mine seems to be fine.

I thought it could be me being a non-IT biff, but then I saw one of the things come from Shriv saying 'we appreciate some of you cannot access it on DII' or words to the effect.

However, in the words of the NatWest ad, there is another way, so I will just put down "meeting" in my diary and take the day off. Its silly feeling guilty about taking time off work to do, well, more work. Of course, there may be those out there that consider it a hobby.....


War Hero
Fack that! Who proof-read MK1? I've just seen about seven errors in the first few pages, and I'm not talking typos! Whoever heard of 'Area & Service Directors'?
I think it was the AG :(

But then he's not actually renowned for his intellectual ability :eek:

Hey, just be glad that the Promotion Exam has gone and now one can advance on the basis of performance and (perceived - however subjective) potential, once you have cracked the MK thing?

Unbiased, as ever :lol:
Don't worry about it. MK2 Part C Log support in the Division is now all wrong. Close Support and General Support Regts (RLC type) no longer exsist. But don't worry, you have to learn the out dated doctrine to get promoted. ARRSE!
No they exsist, except we now call them Log Sp Regts. Once anyone outside G4 gets a handle on what we do we change it. Plus the whole close and general sp idea was great, except nearly every operation we have gone on we end up forming composite log sp regts.
so, after much head scratching somebody actually worked out that a. wouldn't that be a good idea to actually prepare for how we actually operate and b. that a Bde Sp Sqn can't actually support an Armd Bde on High/Med intensity ops on its own.

well done top brass. Have a biscuit.

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