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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Britain Climing Out of Recession as Economic Growth Returns

    The left wing Guardian? The Government Broadcasting Corporation? The not so Independent.


    Read the Telegraph and weep, you doom and gloom merchants.

    This means that spending through the recession worked better than Camerons alternative would have done. Of course, it would have worked sooner if Brown had listened to Vince Cable.
  2. vince cable is the answer to all the worlds problems.

    given the chance he could have singlehandedly beaten the nazis
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Whet, although I empathise with your attempts to point out the errs and political carpet-bagging of the press, not to mention questioning the veracity of their statements, your comments following that extract were petulently childish and provocative.

    Rephrase them and spur a debate. Not incite vitriol.
  4. Aren't you the one always claiming the Telegraph prints Tory lies?

    I assume you pick & choose which story to believe based upon your prejudices not on the content and veracity of the piece.

    PS. How do you know it "worked better than Camerons alternative would have done"?
  5. Does it? Where is the comparison with what would have happened with the economy had Cameron's plan been put into action?

    Thanks to Brown and Bliar and their profligate public spending. Who will suffer the long-term pain to pay to get the country out of the red? Not you.
  6. What debate? The usual subjects will throw the usual slurs and misrepresent my political leanings, some will play word games about recovery and having recovered and a few will rubbish the organisation which the Telegraph quoted.

    It is telling, is it not - that of all the Telegraph readers who regularly post on here, none saw fit to post such good news?
  7. Does this mean you will finally get a job and stop being the parasite that you are?
  8. Quite true, I won't. However, I won't enjoy the fruits of recovery either. I won't see my savings grow, the value of my house go up etc.

    However, this is not about me - it is about the recovery. Which unfortunately the conservatives are going to benefit from.
  9. Well as the Telegraph is mortgaged to the hilt by RBS, it is well and truly in the ownership of the taxpayer. It currently loses £lots per week, and is being funded by a massive overdraft, so I presume they will print anything their political masters dictate.

    Lets not forget that they printed McBride's denials via a Labour friendly hack before the story broke and McBride was forced to resign......

    IIRC the Telegraph was heavily pro Brown before he became PM and was extolling his virtues as an economic wiz kid until a year ago......
  10. That doesn't mean shit in today's world, especially when certain high ranking Telegraph journos and editors are the drinking buddies of so many labour MPs and Special advisors.
  11. Aren't you pleased that Labour got it right then Syledis - you aren't posting like you are?
  12. Rampant - do you see what I mean in my reply to your post.

    Some posters would write anything, such is their denial.
  13. Nor him as an individual. It is we who will bear the burden of the last few decades of our own profligracy and that of the gvts. But those who sponge off the state shall be protected. Not just the weak and the sick and the incompetent, but the chavs, the hangers on, the dole queue dropouts, the idlers, the terminaly politicaly correct for whom rights are all important and duties something to be ignored, trampled upon. Would that we had a past government that would have saved us from our own excesses. But we didnt. Would that we could have a future government that will set the recovery needs of society as a whole as an achievable target set against a timetable and set aside the vested interests of minority groups and those with loud lobbyist voices. But I see non such.

    Hmmm must be carefull when drinking Jack Daniels.

    Edited to add: In response to Dozy Bints earlier post.
  14. So you have a problem with the Conservatives taking on an economy slowly finding its way out of recession when the Government of the previous 13 years has gambled away our foreign exchange and gold reserves and dug us into the biggest public debt pit in history? The Tories are hardly going to be able to put forward favourable economic policies during their first couple of terms of office because they'll still be putting right all of the damage that Labour have done. Pretty much like Thatcher had to do after Wilson's and Callaghan's balls-ups of the 1970s.
  15. "Which unfortunately the Conservatives are going to benefit from?"

    Are you stark raving mad? If the Conservatives manage to get us out of this Liabour derived mess we will all benefit. You simpleton.