Who or what is Soldier X

He's either a collosal thunderperson* or a courageous hero of the glorious people's army of St. Tommy of the internet.

It all depends on your point of view

*Not the word I was going to use.
He seems to have annoyed Medic_Cop and Meerkatz so he can't be that bad a bloke.
X is actually the soldier's middle name.

He is actually a she who goes by the name Perdita X Nitt.

Though she's actually named Agnes.
Soldier X is Stackers latest goose-stepping squeeze
Where as you seem to be sticking with your thicko grand daughter.


Book Reviewer


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Soldier XXXXXL Breaking news!

What, at first glance, seemed to be his beret is, in fact, his lunch!
(or NAAFI break wad, or tiffin, or elevenses.... )

Soldier XXXXXL.jpg

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