Who on earth gave Knocker Mod Powers?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sapper145, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Are you mad??? He's a big fat Gwa Jock Civvy, not representative of us handsome Sappers! Before you know it the Sappers forum will descend into 'Oor Wullie speak, deep fried Mars bars and next thing is he will be giving out electrical advice instead of giving shoite to NT. I wouldn't trust him with barbed wire never mind copper wire or the keys to the site!
  2. Jealousy is so ugly.
  3. Says you petal, you'd sew your cock back on and grow a woodsmans tache yourself if it meant getting your own forum
  4. awa & fling sh1te at the moon Sapper145. ;-P

    and just to let you know mate we can have less of the FAT jibes nowadays well under the 100kgs now, which for those who know me is a marked drop in timber. :thumright:

    you still sunning it up????

    is'nt it just Legs. :muhaha:
  5. Still sunning it up, like Chatham but with a better standard of English from the locals!
  6. I believe I should have MOD powers...
  7. :applaud:

  8. I believe I should have superpowers, but no matter how much I hang around nuclear power stations waiting to be bitten by a radioactive spider it never seems to happen.
  9. It's sympathy I think!
  10. Well under 100kg's Knocker?!?!?... Is that just since you shaved that feckin ginger beard off?!?... :p
  11. I think they must have just emptied his colostomy bag, the old bugger!
  12. More like his incontinence pants. He was edging towards POM size in the latter days of his career. Mind you I'm no lightweight creature myself.
    The question is, just who was he ramp and decking with?
  13. right you three cnuts don't make me use my new found power on you. :rofl:

    J_W_A_S i seem to remember you having a dodgy bit of facial fuzz when you left The Corps as well BUT far more than mine was required to cover that fecking chin. :lick:

    can't argue with that P_L but as my grandmother used to say "as are you now so once was i" ;-)

    glad you added that Sapper145 as i recall you were never afraid of a pie & a pint as well.

    Ramping & Decking .... give your heid a shake you know me far better than that, i did'nt get to my status while i was in The Corps by sneeking, did i ???? :-D
  14. Knocker's granny was a bloke???
  15. :giggle::applaud: puttees

    well now that you mention it all the memories of what i had to do to get a werthers original have come flooding back. :omg: