Who now trusts the BBC?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Balleh, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. I note that following the BBC misleading the public on game shows, let alone the recent incident concerning the Queen, it is now proposing to train all its staff in “honesty”.

    Clearly the organisation is institutionally dishonest and as the buck stops at the top, the management better make sure it is the first to be trained assuming any of them keep their jobs.

    Why should anyone now trust any of its other programmes - be they features, news or analysis or even the World Service which used to be a byword for professionalism.

    Personally, I wouldn’t trust the BBC further than I can spit.
  2. I would trust Aunty over Sky anyday!
  3. Seconded, and ITN and CNN and Fox News. Auntie may have a bit of a liberal bias from time to time, but it's usually very obvious when they do. Sky and Fox in particular can be quite insidious in the way they report - and what do they both have in common :plotting:
  4. BAH! Still, I am/we are paying a licence fee that essentially pays for and supports Auntie's shinanigans. I want a rebate!!, better still no licence fee. Actually practically all of what's on TV these days is pish and nonsense.........anyone want to buy a 32" flat screen TV?
  5. I don't watch TV anymore. I haven't replaced it with internet tv or anything of the sort, I simply don't watch the box anymore.

    I find the majority of programming is utterly rubbish, and if a series is really good, I can always get the DVD when it comes out.
  6. The media are corrupt. The media were once ethical... but now they know they're not... even journos who really were supposed to have ethics know that everything has turned into entertainment for cash. Cash is king. Entertainment pulls punters.

    I agree... TV licence back... if BBC want to play the same game as the others... let them play on the same terms.
  7. Me too. Most of whats on is dumbed down to lower than chav level. The plus side to this is that I have rediscovered listening to music, started painting and devote more time to my hobby.
  8. Ditto, Bugly. I have improved at Guitar massively, and I've discovered there is far more time in the day than I previously believed!
  9. boss - "the sky is blue true or false?"

    trainee - "true"

    boss - "well done you'ved passed"

    thats about as far as it'll go
  10. The new father-figure of Dow Jones, and my nomination for the Antichrist:


    I'll still take my chances with the BBC.
  11. Profit above all else - that's the new motto. I too have taken up guitar and (yes I know it sounds a bit weird) - Origami. I watch more TV on German channels - they too have problems, but they copy most UK shows within about 6 Months - they've just started Surprise-Surprise, but it's just not the same without cilla.

    Maybe we should try and get the younger generation to start looking at the alternatives that have been mentioned in these posts. - Thanks to the councils closing all the Community Centres they have rock-all else to do.
  12. Just a point I wanted to raise... in the old days (ie. before radio and television) more than a few scandals occured with the press in both our nations. This concept that journalistic integrity existed in the past is something of a modern myth...

  13. 'The media' is a very generic term. Just what do YOU mean by it?
    A large number of posters here are obviously not happy with the way the BBC is perceived to work. Please bear in mind it's a huge multifaceted international organization that provides entertainment to millions of people all around the globe. It has been responsible for some of the most ground breaking programming ever seen on the small screen and in many departments continues to the lead the world of television production by the hand.

    E.G BBC Bristol Natural History Unit- Wildlife one 1, Big cat Diaries, Blue Planet BBC World Service, BBC comedy-thousands of great shows. BBC Radio 4, BBC News Gathering, BBC Documentaries, Panorama, Real Story....etc etc.

    Sadly it's also responsible for a lot of crap too but let's try and remember that overall it just about meets the mark.

    For the record I have worked in all kinds of TV (and have had the privilege of shooting for some of the above) for yonks and the only Broadcast stuff I watch now are Films, the News and good documentaries (and of course anything I have shot.)

    edited for clarity - that's in woefully short supply
  14. My problem with the BBC is that I'm forced to pay for it even though I don't watch it.
  15. Totally agree with this sentiment: in fact the brutes owe me money...
    The problem is if you take away the charter you'll end up with even more piss poor low budget crap and tonnes of commercials beggering up things.