Who might need these?

What the feck were you looking for when you found these. Anyway, could be usefull for the paranoid few/many.
Seriously, read the "testimonials" page. Utterly priceless.

Someone, somewhere, wants to know what temperature a family member's genitalia is. WTF?

Eugh! The Dad on the testimonials page wants a camera installed in the next pair to see his daughter getting down 'n' dirty!
Sorry fellas, its a wind up. For these reasons.

1)The website is registered through "domains by proxy" who specialise in keeping registrants details secret - why would a company that freely advertises its name - "Panchira Corp" on its website need this service.

2)That name, Panchira in japanese ostensibly means "your underwear is showing" but it also refers to an "upskirt" photo

"In anime and manga, panchira refers to a panty-shot or upskirt 'take,' frequently employed as a form of mild titillation for a largely male audience. Although dismissed by Western observers as a childish distraction, it has been used extensively by Japanese artists and animators since the early sixties. Indeed, panchira has come to represent a virtual subculture within the otaku community on both sides of the Pacific." my italics - See Wikipedia Entry -a bit too risque for a company touting "Catholic Parent Magazine" (which does exist, though I doubt they've heard of "forgetmenotpanties") as one of its plaudits.

3)The images of the underwear. Photoshopped- the logo (superimposed) dosent conform to the models contours, in fact it dosent change relative to the viewer even if the model has her hips tilted.

4)The whole idea is ridiculous. A GPS receiver. In your pants. Please.

Vegetius, either you were hoping for a massive bite, or your detective skills are feeling the pinch on a Friday evening.
Look, this product was linked from Holy Moly, it must be kosher.

GPS in ladies underwear seems a legitimate niche business to me.

I can picture the scenario perfectly in my mind, WO2 Spiffins suspects Mrs Spiffins of committing acts of depravity with one of his troops. His beloved spouse has being undergoing certain changes. She smiles a bit more than she used to after that night she just had down town in Mic Macs. She starts to wear shorter, tighter skirts and won't let him have his weekly Friday night ride. All of a sudden, she's talking about more nights out at the Naffi Bingo at the Roundhouse. After weeks of torment, he logs on to the web site and orders a pair of camel toe hugging lacy pants for her. Obviously his order is to be delivered to his unit, in case she opens the parcel by mistake. Every day for the next week his lurking in his unit's post room waiting for his delivery. The orderly room civi starts to get a bit worried by his stalking like behaviour.

Finally the wonderful unterhosen arrive and he quickly gift wraps them for his Missus. At home later that evening he gives her the totally unexpected present suggesting that she wears them to the bingo that Friday. His trap set in motion, he continues his daily grind, thinking to himself, 'I am gonna give that bitch a right surprise on Friday. He makes up some story that he has to go away early on Friday to recce a range day for a night shoot.

Friday comes and he's up at the crack of Dawn and out of the MSQ before his wife wakes. He then hides in the WO's & Sgt's Mess until midnight. At this time he activates the knickers tracking system and follows the signal around the camp. Ah he thinks as the signal indicates that his wife is in the RMP singlies block, 'I'll fooking kill the Monkey Barstewart whose hosing my Vera' He runs inside and stands outside the door, signed 'Corporal Snooks AGC (RMP). He pauses at the door and hears the sound that makes his blood curl and brings out his killer instinct. 'Oh yes yes you dirty bitch, ugh ugh I am com..... I am comm....... I am coming!' Splat! With one heavy thump of his size 12's against the poor quality door, it flies open. The sight he sees before him fills him with such shock and horror. A man whom he believes to be the aforementioned Cpl Snooks is lying on his bed, in his right hand he is grasping his erect todger with a large dollop of baby glue falling off the end. Another splash of the, now, sweating boy's manfat is dripping from an uncannily similar pair of pants, that the jealous warrant officer recently purchased. The pants are over the head of the head of the thrapping youngster, the gusset slightly discoloured covering his mouth.

The warrant officer shouts at Snooks, where's my wife you Monkey Barsteward?

'Eh!' replies Snooks as he pulls the soiled garment from his face.

Meanwhile back at the Naffi bingo hall..................................

Vera, '... and he bought me the most horrible pants in the world on Monday. They were so bad I only wore them once and then threw them away. Can't tell the old sod cause he's already been acting a bit strange recently'

WO2 Spiffins '8O'

Cpl Snooks '8O'
This is either, as Hang 10 says, a clever wind-up, or very, very sick.

Oh I forgot, the RAF Police on a random id card check of the block arrest Snooks and Spiffin's for being impaired within an area controlled by one of their barriers. This will not make sense unless you've been on the RAF Coppers thread, elsewhere!

You mean you've been had by a similar wind up before?
It says it runs from watch battery - dont you think that the lady might question
the fact that there appeared to permanently be a bit of shat-out sweetcorn in her drawers?
Also, GPS systems still have some serious bulk to them, and detecting an emitter is an expensive and unreliable proposition..

'Hi honey, would you mind wearing these panties? Don't worry that it feels like there's a watch hidden in the waistband.. oh, and you can't wear any other panties, since I could only spring for one pair..Hmm.. and I'm not sure if they're washable, really...'

Bah.. The jealous mind knows no logic.
It's sceptics like Hang10 who strangle innovation and brave business start-ups like this.

Supertrooper's story has the ring of truth about it, I can imagine using this cunning product to track down lingerie thieves.

There was a knicker nicker in Germany, who was a chief attached to the RMP. He was caught with a fine collection of stolen garments. In a recovered video he would prance around in his collection and video himself with a lob on. He then would poo in them. Squadies eh! They have to take it to the nth degree. And Hang10 before trying to strangle a potentially good thread, think of little seeds which can grow into big twees. Check some of the classics out, its not meant to be too serious in the Naafi! Btw tell your mum I am tracking her location with the panties I give her last week


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