Who makes your ammunition?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Whilst at the ranges on Saturday, I was surprised to see that the ammunition we were issued wasn't the familiar Radway Green stuff, but rather IMI (which I presume to mean Israeli Military Industries).

    It's not that I'm complaining, as it seemed to be of decent quality, being both accurate, and supplied in proper stripper clips, rather than the plastic abominations we used to get (or was that only blank?).

    What I was wondering is if UK forces use RG, or other British, or indeed NATO sourced ammunition?

    Or is it just a question of 'the powers that be' buying the cheapest available, no matter where it's from?
  2. IMI can mean Israeli Military Industries or Imperial Metal Industries. The latter was a division of ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) that included ELY and Kynoch. If it was newish ammunition it was probably Israeli though. Israeli ammo is often marketed under the SAMSON brand in Europe (bizarre - you'd have thought David would make more sense...). It's marketed as IMI in the US.

    You can always recognise Israeli ammunition. On close inspection it will be apparent that a short length has been carefully trimmed from the end of the bullet.
  3. Ours say IVI(5.56) a lot. Probably Israelian too. Others are DAG or MEN(7.62).
  4. untallguy

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    IPTs are required to provide best value for money for defence. If that means buy cheap and foreign (frequently the IPT definition of value for money), that's what they'll do.
  5. spike7451

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    Just hope it's not Indian!!(Remember the 9milly fiasco from the 80's?)
  6. IVI is Industries Valcartier Inc., Quebec, Canada

    Possibly more than you ever really wanted to know about headstamps.

  7. My ammunition has the markings of the intended target on it, ie: their names. I make it myself in my shed.
  8. This then could be explained as being a part of the contracts the MoD made with Diemaco,which is also a Canadian company?
  9. If I buy factory I've found SAKO very good. Federal is dreadful. I use Lapua components for reloading.

    S&B make some good 303 British.
  10. New Saluting Cartridges are being made in Bosnia! I kid you not.
  11. Presumably they can only be fired in extreme high angle or during a barbecue??
  12. As fa as I know they are only making the actual Carts; they will be filled in the UK. I know, sounds crazy but having dealt recently with an IPT the Leader of which admitted she had never seen any of the Natures she was dealing with it makes you wonder.

    In the good old days we had people who knew what they were talking about.

    Going for a coffee, pressure building up :frustrated:
  13. They used to make the 17 pdr GP saluting carts at Kineton at one time, but I doubt if they could achive Cat 1 in any of the labs anymore. Glascoed used to do the 25 pdrs, but gawd knows when...

    Nobody else has the facilities to load GP anymore, and what with the 'Elf and Safety nobody else in this country can afford to...

    Hence get some dodgy foreign supplier to take the risk!

    Anyway nobody has made GP in this country since the sixties!
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    You set up in opposition to BaldricksBullet ?