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Who makes the Army's .338 ammunition.

Idle musing but I'm sort of assuming that it isn't made at Radway. Presuming that there isn't a lot of it consumed are we talking something virtually hand made?
the original L115A1 used lapua stuff, (selected at the time the rifle was bought)

and the L115A3 uses RUAG, (selected at the time the rifle was bought)


Kit Reviewer
The Rd is designated 8.59mm not .338.
That's always made me smile.
Some people in the UK are so pant-wettingly desperate to follow europe in everything that they rename this rd with a millimetric designation.

The UK, the traditional source of the Imperial system and the only place on the planet where the rd has been metricated. :-D


That's not correct either. Any designation of L115 can use any Rd designated 8.59mm (L1, IIRC).
Correct, now get over to the US forums and put some of those internet gurus right please.
Ammo is built to a standard, if that standard introduces variations or improvements then users are briefed on it and sights adjusted.
Its not like the leap between .303 Mk6 and 7 where new magazine platforms and rear sights were needed.
Of coarse the ammunition is interchangeable! The mod selected RUAG to be used in the L115A3.
I don't know what your sources are, but the MOD did not specifically select RUAG to manufacture the ammunition for the L115A3. It just happens to be that they produce ammunition of a sufficient quality to be awarded a contract. The procurement process could quite easily go somewhere else.

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